{Hugs} paper in April 2015 variation inspiration


{hugs} paper in April 2015 Inspiration variation

These features are the first card big vases, Pkwhicha florets, in addwhichion to poswhichive stroke two release of April 2015. I used all three of the vases on the autod First me, along wwhichh the Feline Friends (Feline Friends icons) in addwhichion to a sense of Slang gang. I watercoloured all vases wwhichh paints Gansai, a lwhichtle lavender coloringed wwhichh Copic markers are used to create circuwhichs Pinked broken vase. Kwhichty does not look sad? ;)


these features second card Hop hin addwhichion tos , along wwhichh a tiny stwhichched flourcan behes in addwhichion to hearts. I stamp images in addwhichion to feelings using the bras well as also new Ranger dye ink pads ( love thcan be, beautiful bright colorings) in addwhichion to added flourcan behes sewn on the top in addwhichion to bottom hin addwhichion tos via both directions. The heart of a glimmer within the center of balancing heat embossed faces on the some other hin addwhichion to

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April 2015 variation


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