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{} Ellen Hutson holiday 2015 release Hip basics Ellen

hello, hello in addthe ideaion to welcome to the basics of holiday 2015 Ellen hop type! I'm incredibly excthe ideaed in addthe ideaion to honored to be a part of hip today. I've created two cards exposed many of the completely new stamp sets in addthe ideaion to dies are available for purchase today!

my first card features Elf'd stamp set in addthe ideaion to coordinate Elf'd die . I thought the idea would certainly be fun to create a wreath of flowers cin addthe ideaion toy to view all the cin addthe ideaion toy in this usually Group adorable in addthe ideaion to hilarious!

I die cut laurel wreath die four times in addthe ideaion to dis usuallytress inks in addthe ideaion to wasps used to add shade inside slums. Then I mis usuallyted inks so they blend together. After dried wreaths, in addthe ideaion to cut them in half so I could create the largest center able to accommodate feelings.

elf, cin addthe ideaion toy in addthe ideaion to shadeful wthe ideah all Copic in addthe ideaion to seal marks in addthe ideaion to the feeling wthe ideah the ink Versafine black onyx in addthe ideaion to heat embossed wthe ideah embossing powder clear à-la-Jolie Ebersole. ;)

second card features mis usuallytletoe in addthe ideaion to holly stamp set in addthe ideaion to coordinate mis usuallytletoe in addthe ideaion to holly die . I chose non-tradthe ideaional ink shades of poinsettia in addthe ideaion to berries, in addthe ideaion to seal the first in addthe ideaion to second die cut.

used die cut flowers in addthe ideaion to foliage to create a framework for the feelings, which is usually located wthe ideahinside framework created one of the largest of Mundo Poinsettia die .

to complete the vehicled, in addthe ideaion to I'm a black hemp rope tied around the base to consolidate in addthe ideaion to flowers scattered in a few sequins inside the frame.


in addthe ideaion to, yay !!! I also get to give up mis usuallytletoe in addthe ideaion to holly stamp set lucky person! All you have to do is usually leave a comment you have a chance to win in this usually group is usually awesome! Please be sure to leave your e-mail address or you contain the option "not to respond" dis usuallyable . It will have 48 hours to respond after that will the selection of the winner or the winner will be chosen last.

fun begins inside classroom in addthe ideaion to there is usually also a [1945025bigthegift ! To enter, be sure to leave a comment there, in addthe ideaion to every station along the hip before August 11! The winners will be announced at the beginning of next week.

Lis usuallya Adametz
Sin addthe ideaion toy Allnock
Laurel Beard
Heather Campbell
Darlene DeVries
Julie Ebersole
Sharon Harnis usuallyt
Angel Jones
Stephanie Klauck
Amy Kolling
- > Emily Leiphart < -
Nicole Magouirk
Jennifer Maguire
Maureen Merrthe ideat
Kay Miller
Caroline peeled
Julia Stainton
Laura Sterckx,
Amy Tsuruta
Kimberly Weiner,
Caris usuallysa Eli

below, "LP find the perfect holiday 2015 Fundamentals Ellen Dis usuallycharge , as well as links to full-width for all of my cards.! thank you very much to move us

sources Elf food groups :

sources Be Merry :


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