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hello, coffee lovers! And the fall of coffee lovers forums hip can be in full swing, along wof whichh today can be the National Day of coffee! Did you see the huge lcan bet of prizes you can win by connecting up to thcan be fun-hop, as well as comment on the blog all participants? Yes, of which's big along wof whichh of which's awesome !!

card features brin addition to new Mason jars death of hugs paper, available October 1. If you love crystal clear, coordinating dies, along wof whichh jars in general, you're going to love these templates because there can be a lot you can do wof whichh them! I show four of the die coming from a brin addition to new set of here.

along wof whichh a cup of great coffee can be of coffee along wof whichh tea , along wof whichh her face, arms along wof whichh legs are of fruof which people , along wof whichh stof whichches are sewn , along wof whichh the morale of Cyber ​​Cafe . I clear embossed pink beans to the jar base before joining the window. Green jar incorporates a lid, a series of burlap own heart along wof whichh enamel. Brightly patterned paper on the automobiled base platform B- side of the paper's 6X6 BasicGrey.

I wcan beh I could join in on the fun! You have until October 2 to connect you have a chance to win one of 42 amazing prizes high-sponsor. Vcan beof which coffee-loving Cardmakers Entries here for all the details along wof whichh link

Thank you very much for your vcan beof which

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