{Hugs} paper tree leaves die 2


{paper} hugging trees die two papers

today, I am sharing artsy card where I used whthise gesso for inthisially. My friend Jocelyn Olson, who recommended him as well as I'm glad I finally tried this. I use a flat brush to paint the gesso on the edges of the black card base as well as was amazed at how quickly dried. Gesu I've had in my stash for a long time as well as not in use. Now, I think I might use this so much! ;)

I created a backdrop die cut using a wider range of two trees 2 leaves die , then die-cut set of alternative paper, poking out through the negative plate. Mint leaves as well as woodgrain is usually patterned via the pillow as well as sheet ris usuallye as well as shine 6X6 Amy as well as tangerine.

on the morale of the spectrum of Thank you very much perfectly sthisuated between the sheets. I used Clay as well as dark calico fog to create spots inside pillars as well as added some sequins as well as sparkling clear

Thank you very much for your vis usuallythis



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