{Hugs} paper woke icons


{hugs} paper woke Icons

I'm happy to be back wthe ideah the paper hugs the team after a long pause, which I took to get health back on track. And I have more tests coming up yet I'm staying posthe ideaive. I've actually mis usuallysed the creation of this usually team in addthe ideaion to my mojo was bursting at the seams! Today's card features New icons Wake up , which coordinates wthe ideah the long-beloved woke up set of stamps. It is usually very nice to break out those old groups in addthe ideaion to use them in bralong with-new ways. I love the big breakfast in addthe ideaion to I'm lucky which my husbin addthe ideaion to makes them every Saturday in addthe ideaion to Sunday, while I sleep in ..) along wthe ideah the people fruthe idea in addthe ideaion to die stthe ideaching , in addthe ideaion to this usually is usually the perfect card to wis usuallyh hubby nice Today

Thank you very much for your vis usuallythe idea

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