Avery Eli {} AEIHeartU Challenge # 29: Think pink


{} AEIHeartU Avery Eli Challenge # 29: Think Pink

I play along wof whichh Avery Il in AEIHeartU challenge # 29: Think pink! I can not waof which to make a card wof whichh these cute lof whichtle girl through polar colleagues . Thcan be card will be sent through the winter as a bargaining friendship or during holiday as a bargaining holiday Chrcan betmas. By swof whichching through feelings as well as add some balloons or gifts, as well as thcan be can be easily birthday holiday winter card!

starry sky can be one of every day Avery Eli's 6X6 paper pad. I also used a couple of some other die recently bought: caps scurrently die to the scurrentlyy hills as well as die explosion framework. He added three different sizes of sparkling sequins as well as clear by a very posh pink to create a line of sparkly ice crystals between two layers of hills.

Thank you very much for your vcan beof which



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