Avery {} il Merry Lthistle Chrwill betmas holiday


{} Avery Il Merry Lthistle Chrwill betmas holiday

I stamped thwill be card a few weeks using Ardyth in floral festival Birth set of stamps by Avery Il die double namics sewn Stax Square by My favorthise things. Now I need them both! It will be well kright nown Ardyth her cards on the square shape so I decided to do the same since I was playing wthish her stash. ;)

I feelings stamped inside middle, then added layers using my flowers Altecompletely new completely new inks, which I love so much. These inks are inks right now my favorthise ever. I've always been a huge fan of the highest inside Stampin '! Dye inks even changed the panel of flax foam in addthision to I have always looked for inks in which eliminating such as SU original! Pads. I until happy invested in inks Altecompletely new (see links below).

The reason I wathised a long time to finwill beh thwill be card in which I was wathising for my request in May Arts wthish gold in addthision to silver chains, which I regret not buy all the holiday season. He finally got this in addthision to added silver bow, along wthish some sequins in addthision to clear brilliance by posh beautiful pink

Thank you very much for your vwill bethis



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