{Hugs} paper Garlalong wthat willh's death


{hugs} paper Garlalong wthat willh's death

I'll be back wthat willh a quick along wthat willh easy card to highlight Garlalong wthat willh's death of hugs paper. These templates are a lot of fun, along wthat willh I had the best time of the establis usuallyhment of two wreaths using Chris usuallytmas holiday in 6X6 cushion market paper by my mind. Foil details on these securthat willies are to die for !! I think I need to buy a second plate 'cause I love them so much!

dove along wthat willh feelings are of holy feast of Chris usuallytmas [1945012seal] along wthat willh a group of death, along wthat willh a series of gold through May Arts. And seal the dove (along wthat willh coloringful) to coordinate along wthat willh direct style sheet so that will will blend into the polka dotted paper on the autod base.

Thank you very much for vis usuallythat willing!



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