{Hugs} paper holiday lights


{paper hugs} Holiday Lights

thcan be card features holiday lights die along wwhichh holiday cheer stamp set! I wanted to do something a lwhichtle different wwhichh the lights so I left coming from internal along wwhichh ice pieces sealed from the negative space using environmentally friendly a set of stamps. I also used hotspots tiny base die to create a frame.

I die-cut threaded curvy silver glwhichter cards along wwhichh joined them to the edges of the frame using SCOR- tape. And masked feelings for two lines so which can fwhich from the space between sentences. I use a pencil to trace the inside lights along wwhichh moved them aside before sealing. After popping from the frame in place wwhichh foam tape, along wwhichh I'm glued to one side of the lights on the vehicled using accents shiny base.

Thank you very much for vcan bewhiching!



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