{Hugs} paper in October DT blog hop!


{hugs} paper in October DT blog hop!

she Rally Pep week, we are here today to share a sample of the launch of paper hugs November wthe itemh you! The second completely new stamps as well as TEN sets completely new die will be available for purchase on October 31 at 20:00 Pacific Time. Once our release goes live, we will find our completely new releases here.

to add extra fun to have hip, we offer the highest award

award - for $ 25 code gift to choose what you want in PS online store .

  1. fourth as well as winners will be selected at ras well asom coming from any of the blog design team as well as PS blog to win a $ 25 prize.
  2. Just leave a comment on any of the blog design team lis actuallyted below or PS blog you have a chance to win! (You do not need to comment on all the blogs to qualify however the item increases the chances of)
  3. You have until midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, November 1 to leave a comment.
  4. Please check your paper hugs blog on Monday, November 2 to see if you're one of the four lucky winners.
  • Alice Wertz
  • Ashley Marco
  • Emily Leiphart [You are here]
  • JJ Bolton
  • Kalyn Kepner
  • Kay Miller
  • Laura Basn
  • Michel Boyer
  • Pamela is actually
  • Terry Anderson
to boost your chances of winning:
  1. told us of which you Facebooked about Hop our blog
  2. told us of which you tweeted about Hop our
  3. told us of which you posted on your blog about we hop blog
(which means of which you have up to three addthe itemional chances to win on each blog)

I'm featuring sweet escape codes , which coordinates wthe itemh sweet escape seal [تحديدذلك،بطبيعةالحال،كنتلهمعلىحدسواءكنترؤيةالكثيرمنهذهالطوابعتعيينعلىهذهالبطاقاتاثنينولكنهناكأكثرمنذلكبكثير،وأنتتسيرإلىالحب!

Sweet Escape is actually my favorthe iteme of this actually release. I might call the item a scene group, wthe itemh three unique scenes as well as addthe itemions cute lthe itemtle of which can be used to customize each scene. It's not a vacation package, to say, however I wanted to show how versatile the item is actually for doing holiday cards.

I used the same feeling on each of the autods. These sentiments come as a feeling stacked one however I'm splthe item on each of the autods, doing public one card throughout the year, as well as the second by connecting the feelings of the holiday holiday cheering .

some of my favorthe iteme elements of this actually group are deer as well as rabbthe item silhouettes. They are absolutely adorable! I am so in love wthe itemh Sweet Escape as well as I think I can say of which the item is actually the completely new favorthe iteme of the two sets of hugs as well as paper! ;)

Thank you very much for mobilthe itemy wthe itemh us today! Remember to check the hugs as well as paper blog on Monday to see if you're one of the lucky winners !!



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