{Kids} Kraft Happy Halloween!


{kids} Kraft Happy Halloween!

I was in grade my son yesterday to lead the plane Halloween wthe itemh children. These are my samples through the haunted house dress-up! Homes are used at home in addition to also also windows Sizzix die, in addition to also also ghosts are of stamps Booyah Garden Fawn death format.

I made this usually fact in late the night before, I was lucky to have my husbin addition to also also help me through the two-sided adhesive commthe itemment to each house in addition to also also roof pieces! I had spent the entire day die cut in addition to also also seal all the ghosts in addition to also also their costumes. Phew !! I ran out of the middle of the gray cards prep so I want to give a special shoutout to Ardyth to drive to my house twice the previous day, to deliver extra gray cards!

Of course, I must share wthe itemh you some of the designs for children also. This kind of usually can be a lthe itemtle mermaid any cuter?! I love the bold colours in addition to also also rin addition to also alsoom ghosts on the surface options.

The school was in a pumpkin carving contest in addition to also also came in each category wthe itemh a unique pumpkin design. They were very creative in addition to also also fun to see! It was a large spider on the class as my son in addition to also also I wish to win. ;)

Thank you very much for vis usuallythe iteming! Happy Halloween !!



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