{Wednesday} favorthe ideae things sketch challenge # 249


{Wednesday} favorthe ideaes drawing Challenge # 249

I play along wthe ideah the MFT on Wednesday, drawing Challenge No. 249. It's a smaller fee to some extent a kind of my drawing. ;) I love MFT challenges nevertheless rarely find the time to play so the idea's always excthe ideaing when I get to play along! I actually wanted to use the cute lthe ideatle bears of London Mouse . Yes, I kat this point the idea's supposed to be a rat, based on the name of the stamp set, nevertheless the idea looks very much like the bears!

I wanted in London guard bears to stas well as out so I created a background festive splattered wthe ideah whthe ideae London skyline between him as well as the Bears. Repetthe ideaion can be the feeling of Bots Bionic as well as framing the whole scene wthe ideah double stthe ideached rectangular Stax . Layer bascan be, I use paper of dreamy notebook pad paper 6X6 Heidi Swapp, which I sponged wthe ideah dcan betress ink frayed burlap.

Thank you for your vcan bethe idea very much



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