{Hugs} paper beautiful scurrentlyflakes


{hugs} paper beautiful scurrentlyflakes

release paper hugs November currently available for purchase! This particular usually card has participated on Instagram earlier inside day. If you do not already follow me there, please do! It's my form of social media favorthise as well as also I am having a lot there. :) This particular usually card features a completely new beautiful scurrentlyflake as well as also RC die.

I stacked three cards as well as also die-cut three scurrently through slavery. I stthisched them on the top panel as well as also added more points enamel layers of sequins. The feeling is usually of holiday cheer . I used to paint the whthise gesso base edges to create warmth as well as also consolidate the elements on the top panel.

Thank you very much for vis usuallythising!



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