{Hugs} paper decorations set of cards


{hugs} paper decorations set of cards

from the past week, as well as image pre-assembled part of these cards on my Instagram account. If you do not follow me already, I might want to do since I'll be there gifts, too! :)

I used the fresh gift by 3 die embrace of paper to create these holiday gift for a friend group to spread joy during the holiday season.

I combined this wthish Polis actuallyhed has well as die (one of my top favorthise), as well as 19,459,012 Garlas well as builder die as well as holiday cheer set of feelings.

added May Arts silver chain as well as black gesso cards to create artis actuallytic feeling full for the holidays. I wrapped cards as well as envelopes in a large clear bag of clear bags (I love those biodegradable), tied wthish red as well as silver chain.

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