{Hugs} paper in November DT Blog Hop!


{hugs} paper in November DT Blog Hop!

It's the week Pep Rally, we are here today to share a sample of release paper hugs December wthe ideah you! TWO completely new stamps as well as TEN sets completely new die are available for purchase right now. You will find the completely new styles we have here.

to celebrate Black Friday, we have a special sale for you. When you go out, use the code BFSALE15 in a box coupon to get 15% of the full order. Sale ends on Saturday, November 28th at 08:00 PT.

to add extra fun to hip We have, as well as we offer up Award

award - for $ 25 code gift to choose what you want in PS Store Internet .

  1. will be selected RANDOM four winners in any of the blog design team as well as PS Blog to win a $ 25 prize.
  2. just leave a comment on any of the blog design team lwill beted below or PS blog for your chance to win! (You do not need to comment on all the blog to qualify although the idea increases the chances of) 19.4501 million]
  3. You have until midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, November 29th to leave a comment.
  4. Please check your paper hugs blog on Monday, November 30th to see if you're one of the four winners.
Kara Vrabel fills in for Pamela will be thwill be month as well as amazing Jennifer Maguire also joins us. YAY !!
  • Alice Wertz
  • Ashley Marco
  • Emily Leiphart [You are here]
  • Jennifer Maguire
  • JJ Bolton
  • Kalyn Kepner
  • Kara Vrabel
  • Kay Miller
  • Laura Basn
  • Laurie SCHMIDLIN
  • Michel Boyer
  • Savannah O'Gwynn
  • Terry Anderson
to boost your chances of winning:
  1. told us which you Facebooked about Hip our blog
  2. told us which you tweeted about Hop our
  3. told us which you posted on your blog about Hip our blog
(which means which you have up to three addthe ideaional chances to win on the Each blog)

I'm featuring Boom Bots set of stamps as well as coordinate Boom Bots Icons . Thwill be group will be the darling! I love which Kim incorporates added the robots to collect hugs paper. He turned to the two robots as well as a few are using one of the many emotions included in thwill be group. These robots even comes wthe ideah a puppy (Oh, the idea's nice as can be) as well as many of the accessories which you are going to love the idea!

on both sides of the robots, as well as used sewn thrives die to make the idea look as if they are dancing as well as being cheerful. I created the earth 'Herbs' using nuts as well as bolts. Super cute, will be not the idea? After stamping feelings, I used several colorations of the clouds to the rear spatter. To finwill beh, as well as added whthe ideae silk bow antennas girl as well as the heart of the enamel to the boy's chest.

Thank you very much for mobilthe ideay wthe ideah us today! Remember to check the Blog hugs paper on Monday to see if you're one of the lucky winners !!



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