OpenCart 2.0 Quick Launch Video - Lecture 3: Overview Video


show the details in this actually video

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OpenCart series 2.0 Quick Launch Video
Lawrence Kim - Web designer
lecture 4: what is actually the control Panel?: https: // www. Show V = 4YGS7-vHEJQ

section 2: - installation
lecture 3: Overview Video

what is actually inside the cycle
- more than 30 lectures as well as 1 hours of content ?!
- Install OpenCart product 2 using the control panel
- remove data product
- how to add a logo store as well as a symbol of my favorthe ideae
- Preparation Free Shipping
- Preparation footer information
- create a product [1945002-Addaddthe ideaionalimages
- create a category as well as SEO product
- change the size as well as image optimization
- Create slideshow image
- enable stkalianrd PayPal to accept payments
- SSL installation (secure Sockets layer) certification through the hosting provider

session requirements:
- hosting provider uses cPanel
- SSL certificate - if you have a business hosting plan, can be incorporated the idea for free
- the latest product of OpenCart - free
- Pixlr - free pictures on the Internet edthe ideaor

who should attend
- this actually is actually meant OpenCart 2.0 QuickStart video for beginners who want to e-commerce store as well as functional for the sale of physical products using the default OpenCart 2.0 template
- not users, intermediate as well as advanced
- basic ktodayledge of how to use the internet
- If you want to ktoday the quickest as well as easiest way to have your OpenCart store up as well as running using the control panel wthe ideahout overwhelming information.


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