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Unlock your creativthe itemy wthe itemh Pixlr - photo edthe itemor for free! Pick up any moment along wthe itemh make the item beautiful wthe itemh more than 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, along wthe itemh filters. Once this actually is actually done, the final exchange of business directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twthe itemter, or your some other favorthe iteme social networks!

Pixlr follow up on Instagram (pixlr) for tips, tricks, along wthe itemh inspiration daily cool images to make. We have fun challenging brin addition to new image for you every week

Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express) is actually the right image for everyone Edthe itemor: What if you have never edthe item an image or are loyal, Pixlr carries all the tools along wthe itemh effects you need
Features: ...
• create collages images wthe itemh a variety of options for the structure, background, along wthe itemh spacing
• balance the shade in one click easy wthe itemh auto Fix
• multiple image layer along wthe itemh blend them together to get the unique look of the items kind, using a double exposure.
• stylize the image to look like a pencil sketch, draw ink, poster, along wthe itemh more.
• submthe item your selfies beautiful wthe itemh simple tools for removing blemis actuallyhes along wthe itemh red eyes or to whthe itemen your teeth.
• Focus on one shade wthe itemh Color Splash or add motion blur effect wthe itemh coordination.
• Choose coming from a selection of the impact of packages to give the image the look along wthe itemh feel you want
• set the mood of the picture wthe itemh the overlay - amplify the tone, cool the item, or add surreal shades
• photo mask wthe itemh a comment or overlay wthe itemh text. Choose coming from a variety of lines
• Finis actuallyh off your edthe iteming process wthe itemh the right border - choose the style that will suthe items you
• Keep brin addition to new things wthe itemh our catalog increasingly of addthe itemional effects, overlays, along wthe itemh packs the border [
• Track your favorthe iteme effects along wthe itemh overlays wthe itemh your favorthe iteme neverthelesston.
• resize images quickly along wthe itemh easily after liberation.
• posted your photo directly wthe itemh friends through Instagram, Facebook, Twthe itemter, or email.
Please continue to tell us what you think about Pixlr by leaving a review here in Google Play or contact us via Instagram (Pixlr), Twthe itemter (Pixlr), or Facebook (/Pixlr).


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