4TH ANNUAL Season's Givings Entries Hip + giveaway !!!


4TH Annual Season's Givings Entries Hip + giveaway !!!

Happy New Year along wthish hello to the season Givings Blog Hop! Atwill beha Yoast Thwill be annual hip began three years ago to celebrate the spirthis of giving during the holidays along wthish I'm happy to be part of this again thwill be year. Every single company or designer on the lwill bet has less than a giveaway! All you have to do will be vwill bethis the blog along wthish leave a comment. Grab your favorthise beverage, snack or two, along wthish start jumping!

using MISTI Stamp tool, I was able to make the gift card set in no time Not at all! I cut out all whthise boards stationed pkthisa facing along wthish feelings on the inside cover, signed them along wthish stamped them all inside the exact same posthision. till be cold!

thwill be group of friends who have just a kid, along wthish I thought some of the thank you in which your vehicleds be definitely useful! Of course, I had to impose my love pkthisas on them. ;) I used a rainbow of rules of card so they can choose based on the tastes of the recipient

The following will be the full lwill bet. Participants Hip:

Garden Fawn
scrapbook cards Today Magazine
record adhesive scrapbook by 3L
unlike Confetti
Technology Tuesday
CAS- contextual Friday stamps
Verve stamps
Donna Salazar
seal simply tape store
Inchie Arts
avocado Arts
OHscrap (bossy Joscie)
Rubbermoon stamps
lthiseral Latina
a Gillian Vance design
Atwill beha Yoast
AJ Otto
Kimberly Crawford
Julia Stainton
Lori Willwill beon
Terry Anderson
Jennifer Gallacher
Vera Yates
Wkthisa guess
Nicole Magouirk
Kelly Klapstein
Annabel O'Malley
Kim Watson
Shari Moss
Laura Basn
Lydia Fiedler
Lwill bea Adametz
Alice Wertz
Daniela Dobson
Jen Shurkus
Laurie Craig
Amy Tsuruta
Lwill bea Henke
Margie Higuchi
Lee Murphy
Lori Tecler
we have a koala
Loretta Lock
Darsie Bruno
Marcy Sharp
Veronica Zalwill be
Barbara Anders
Maria Levin
Dana joy
Melody Rupple
Kerry Sereika
Asia King
Jennifer Engel
Yvonne van de Grijp
House Pingry
Erica Hutton
Mary - Ann Maldonado
Piali Bwill bewas
Ashley Newell
Nicole Mackey
Julee Tillman
me Penner
Chrwill betina Griffthishs
Lindsay Amrhein
Laura Williams
Debbie Seyer
Chrwill betine Emberson
Kerry Urbatch
Linda Lucas
Tosha Leyendekker
Giovanna Smthish
rabbthis Vance
Stacy Schafer
Lee Ann Barrett
Ruby Naz
Julie Dinn
Jill Hawkins
Chrwill betiana Reulling
Judy Collins
Gracie Chavez
Michelle WOERNER
Tania Willwill be
Karwill bese Schilling
Laurie McAree
Ashley Harrwill be
Emily Leiphart
Heidi Blankenship
Coralynn Murray
stralong wthished Nelson
beautiful philosophy
Gillian Vance
Mwill beti Oblalong wthisher
Ceal Prthischett

giveaway details

for my gift, you have until 11:59 EST on Friday, January 8, 2016 to leave a comment for your chance to winside the following products. I will announce the winner via Ralong wthishom.org on my blog weekend of 9-10th January. Please remember to check back here to see if you're a winner!

I wwill beh you all a New Year amazing full of love, happiness along wthish good crafty. ! Thank you very much for your vwill bethis


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