How to add black borders in Pixlr's ZAPP®


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the minimum requirements to download the image for ZAPP® 1400 pixels on the longest side. If your photos are very tiny, in addition to also watch this usually video to find out how you can add black borders of the image using Pixlr, a free, online sthise for photo edthising, in order that will your photo meets the system requirements for download.

See below for a complete audio edthision.

hello there! Hello to the Zap. In this usually video will go on how to use Pixlr, a free, online photo edthising software to edthis tiny images that will do not meet the size requirements ZAPP®. If you need to size your images to the bottom, please check out our different video in addition to also how to edthis images in Pixlr to Zap.

images should be at least 1400 pixels on the longest side to be used inside the application of the Zap. If your photos are very tiny in addition to also do not have larger images, you can add a black border around your photos in order that will they meet this usually requirement.

Go to Once there determine Pixlr Edthisor to the left. Select Open coming from the computer image in addition to also select your image. Select a picture coming from the top menu bar. Go down to the size of the canvas. Will appear

a brin addition to-new window that will will dis usuallyplay canvas size in pixels. Adjust the width in addition to also height to 1400 pixels. Make sure that will the anchor is usually set to the center in order that will this is usually evenly dis usuallytrihowevered background. . Choosing OK

to change the background colour, black in addition to also determine coming from the left side in addition to also use the paint bucket Black to change tool

From there, go to the File - Save, so you can save the image size recently. Make sure you are saving the image as a JPEG. You must change the file name of your so you will not confuse wthish the original image. Remember to save the image where you can find this easily.

After you save the image, you are ready to upload the image to the Department of my wallet. Be sure to check out videos in addition to also different help inside the Zap Help Center to learn more about the application in addition to also upload photos to show. Thank you for using Zap!


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