{Hugs} paper delightfully birds card set


{hugs} paper delightfully birds card set

Do any of you are shopping in December released during the paper hugs "on sale on Black Friday? I might love to ktoday what I bought! today, I am sharing a group card using greetings walked seal Group birds die in addwhichion to fused frame die. I love when you come a lot of products together inside design, clean in addwhichion to simple!

I started off by sealing all the feelings inside same latwhichude on all cards. then I glued to fused frames to the base card wwhichh accents shiny. I die cut birds by eight different colorings cards in addwhichion to commwhichted to each pair of birds in frames each. I finwill behed coloringing a tiny pearl whwhiche wwhichh W9 Copic to the eyes of the bird sign in addwhichion to add the hearts of enamel on each card.

since I send thwill be card will be set to a friend, packaged all four cards wwhichh envelopes in a clear box of ClearBags.com (or ClearBags.ca, if you're in Canada). I have been buying their products for years in addwhichion to love everything they make! There are plenty of options, including environmentally friendly biodegradable) so I suggest you check which out.

I stamped ansome other one of the feelings of greetings walked tinyer gift by 3 die in addwhichion to attaching which to the box wwhichh the whwhiche cord Hemptique.

Thank you for your vwill bewhich very much



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