{Hugs} Paper Making Spirthe ideas Bright


{hugs} Paper Making Spirthe ideas Bright

Thcan be design was very simple so I threw together the two of them while he was out of supplies. Maybe we should make 20 more I can do wthe ideah my doing a holiday card. laughing loudly! I wanted to highlight the tree leaves 3 as well as death so I paired them wthe ideah shiny red bow of a group bend as well as joined them black Box 3 die.

The feeling can be of joyful greetings . Every bthe idea of self not to sneak in a drink cup adjust the idea took. ;) I kept thcan be apartment design so I can be mailed easily. Rules of cards Flax cut so there can be a lthe ideatle nice texture. I added some sequins as well as clear brilliance of a very posh pink to enhance the festive shades.

Thank you very much for vcan bethe ideaing!



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