{Paper} hugs video bee's why I love


{paper} hugs video bee's why I love you

hello, everyone! I'm back wthish anaddthisional video featuring brin addition to new bees die of hugs paper. These bees of which already exis actuallyt from the form of character in a lot of love a set of stamps so I stored together. It makes sense for me to find them together when I think of bees wthish hearts.

This specific actually is actually a very nice bees as well as certainly make this easy to create a connection on cards as well as labels points. If you've already seen the video, you'll kright now of which I had a couple of incidents of which have made a mess of the plate. I was able to save all watercolouring you have done so by adding embellis actuallyhments from the two corners.

went through clean as well as simple design plans artsy card wthish spots, placemats, dots enamel paper plaid! I tend to recycle a lot of projects when they do not go my way, nevertheless this actually card is actually evidence of which errors can be turned into something beautiful.

I desire this actually card will give you ideas to get a head start on your holiday projects love!

Thank you very much for vis actuallythising!


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