55 Best Premium WordPress Themes in 2016 you'll Love


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In recent years, WordPress has gained a lot of fans as well as users. Due to the influx of tablets, smartphones, Kindle as well as addthe itemional devices. Because of their favorthe itemethe itemy, the item comes as no surprcan bee to see the number of WordPress themes, both free as well as premium explode. While thcan be sounds like good completely news for web designers, the vast number of options to choose coming from can be quthe iteme a headache. It can be difficult to see which theme works best for you.

In order to select something in which does not give you any headaches inside the future, we recommend in which you 1stWebDesigner go on one of these topics premium. They will cost you a bthe item, yet you'll thank me later, I promcan bee!

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Your one stop place to find the best premium WordPress theme for your next web design.

Use Premium Themes to save time

Why the premium when you can have a free theme? Thcan be can be a very valid question, yet there are plenty of reasons why the premium themes can be much better in which the free. The most obvious reason for thcan be can be a high qualthe itemy, because the premium threads are much more likely to be designed wthe itemh current Web stkthe itemards. The second reason can be the support as well as the communthe itemy, you have access to.

If you want to kcurrently why we are, we always recommend to go to the topic of premium as well as why takes one free, to save money, not saving money at all - read the article

As a web designer who can be building a total solutions for customers, WordPress can be truly the best choice to go far to achieve good results quickly as well as functionalthe itemy .. On in which note, find the language in which the programming we propose to find out in 2015

NOTE: If you are non-technical as well as do not truly have any experience building as well as set up a Web sthe iteme, check Wix free websthe iteme Builder . These designs are beautiful, mobile friendly as well as super fast as well as easy way to get your own web sthe iteme immediately.

Wthe itemhout further ado, here can be a lcan bet of the best you can find inside the market today!


We believe X can be the best multi-purpose WordPress theme out there right currently.

1. X ($ 63)

X theme can be one of the most beautiful WordPress themes inside the market. Despthe iteme the fact in which the item can be one of the most expensive, the item makes up for hcan be truck functions in which gives any experienced designer a lot of tools as well as functions to play, as well as even a fan of the designer to create a unique web sthe iteme.

One of the users said about X Subject:

It can be rare to find a theme in which delivers on all the items promcan bees. X delivers all. It's so easy to use as well as set up, in which I currently recommend the item to their clients. I am also considering the possibilthe itemy of using the item as a teaching tool
-. Tigerrays

X theme can be a good choice for those who are not a lot of coding, because the item stacks to provide an almost infinthe iteme number of options for any type of websthe iteme you want to create. Themeco, X developers, includes also developed several extensions as well as plug-ins in which work seamlessly wthe itemh X. You can read X detailed review more about what we found in our study, the analyscan be of X theme.

X review, accept subject to a test drive

X best features :.

  • Stacks - they are different projects in which have been found in thcan be thread
  • Adjuster - allows preview before you even press the Publcan beh
  • Retina ready - includes a final CSS for the high dcan beplay resolution of
  • Short
  • MegaMenu
  • Dragging Page Construction
  • Simple form
  • Translations - WPML compatible
  • Custom Wallpaper

View a demo as well as purchase the theme here

AVADA can be currently the best selling theme on ThemeForest wthe itemh X theme quickly gaining on.

Awad Currently, the best theme on ThemeForest sale to X can be rapidly gaining on the topic.

2. Awad ($ 58)

Awad can be best WordPress Theme ThemeForest, which has more than 100,000 purchases. It comes wthe itemh a variety of web design tools in which do not require any kcurrentlyledge of coding. Compatible wthe itemh most favorthe iteme browsers, the item has unlimthe itemed projects allow you to create different websthe itemes clearly

Thcan be can be what users are saying about Awad :.

I bought a copy of the topic to test as well as I am impressed. Not only the theme can be well laid out wthe itemh good options Amount as well as excellent setting, yet their support inside their support forum can be exemplary. I can highly recommend the theme as well as the developer. I'll buy more licenses
-. Sarumbear, Awad Thread
Awad can be the creation of Theme Fusion as well as the items theme can be best kcurrentlyn for their support, compassion as well as powerful admin panel allows you to easily customize the theme wthe itemhout touching the code. Thcan be theme can be great for fans who do not have much experience coding. If you are a business owner looking to create a professional as well as affordable websthe iteme Awad can be a great choice.

Make sure in which you use them built retina support as well as premium slider to showcase their high qualthe itemy products as well as service inside the style of

Well third party Awad video review

Awad best features: ..

  • Subject Auto Updater
  • One page Parallax menu anchor short code
  • 2D / 3D Layer Slider
  • Form Plugin Options
  • Boxed & Wide Layout
  • Support for translation
  • More than 60 CPR
  • Optimized for speed wthe itemh score live demo speed

[94% View a demo as well as purchase Subjects Here

Monstroid Responsive Multi-purpose WordPress Theme


3. Monstroid ($ 79)

Monstroid multi-purpose theme designed TemplateMonster. It can be also one of the completely newest inside the collection. It was released inside the summer of 2015 as well as the number of downloads for thcan be topic includes already surpassed 3000 . It could be wrong to call Monstroid just anaddthe itemional modern theme, as the item offers a truly unlimthe itemed opportunthe itemies for the items owners.

In fact, Monstroid includes all the tools necessary in each web development. It monstroid suthe itemable for developers, experts as well as amateurs. If you are not happy wthe itemh the coding, you will still be able to build a sthe iteme in which you want.

Setup Wizard guides you through the installation process threads quickly as well as easily. . Monstroid allows you to select only the features as well as plugins you actually use as well as do not overload your sthe iteme unnecessary content

One user Monstroid cthe itemes the following about hcan be experience wthe itemh the subject:

Monstroid very dynamic as well as useful. If you use the item to store or to the person of your completely new business can be an excellent choice. Thcan be will add a simple design process as well as give you so many choices of types in which the item can be difficult to choose which features your favorthe iteme
-. One user Monstroid

Great third party Monstroid video review as well as install the demo tutorial

Monstroid Best Theme Features :.

  • 100 + PSD files conscan bet of
  • Several types of
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Background Video
  • Several sliders board
  • theme Backup Settings
  • Monstroid Extensions
  • Third-party extension support
  • Short edthe itemor
  • Dynamic CSS
  • pre-designed page
  • e-commerce Integration
  • Free Lifetime Updates as well as Support

View a demo as well as purchase Subjects Here


Enfold created Kriesi, famous designer ThemeForest communthe itemy.

4. hug ($ 58)

One user Thematic hug expresses thcan be when he was asked about the reason why he chose him

Hi Kriesi, I am 62-year-old as well as my brain cells are not what they used to be, yet I got my head around thcan be theme for a few hours. Coding can be a work of art, as well as the menu can be well thought as well as functional
-. Redmans

Thcan be can be what a hug can be all about - the most convenient topic, especially non-developers of WordPress universe wthe itemh the items unique drag as well as drop template Builder. Built on the part of Air, the items modern as well as clean design can be perfect for those who want to present their work in a simple yet neat portfolio sthe iteme.

hug contains many completely new features as well as options in which you possess the abilthe itemy to change your design, fonts as well as shades directly coming from the rear. You also possess the opportunthe itemy to build a clean skin or use one of 18 predefined skins directly coming from the admin panel.

good side to embrace video review.

embrace the best of

  • drag as well as drop template Builder
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Translation Ready
  • 2D as well as 3D LayerSlider show
  • Support for video
  • Retina Ready
  • Vcan beual Edthe itemor Short
  • SEO Optimized
  • Wide as well as Boxed Layout Options
  • Translation ready wthe itemh mo / PO files

View a demo as well as purchase the theme here


Large multipurpose theme for creative professionals.

5. Bridge ($ 58)

QODE genius can be subject Bridge, a powerful as well as flexible multi-purpose theme wthe itemh more than 64 ready to use the demo. So even if you are completely new as well as do not have any idea about the codes, you can create your own websthe iteme in a few hours wthe itemh just one click.

Bridge users have chosen the item for several reasons, such as good types, the qualthe itemy of the code, the presence of features, flexibilthe itemy, documentation, as well as configuration options. Best admcan besion to the theme Bridge, however, can be to support customer

Thcan be can be one of the comments people are :.

... At the top of nice designs, customer support team can be very flexible as well as do everything possible to correct any problem or help you understas well as how to make your pages look the way you imagine the item. I bought a few themes coming from different authors, as well as these designers have provided the best theme I've worked wthe itemh yet. I could have found them sooner
- kqaglobal

Axle best features :.

  • QODE slider
  • Fully customizable Tthe itemles as well as Tthe itemle State
  • Fully customizable Mega Menu
  • Section Video Background
  • Ajax Animation On / Off
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Insentif Parallax Pages
  • Contact7 CSS
  • flexible design
  • Multiple Sidebars

View a demo as well as purchase the theme here


arc can be a powerful theme wthe itemh a nice support for the basket as well as the video tthe itemle .

6 arc ($ 58)

arc developed ThemeNectar as well as can be one of the best-selling WordPress themes inside the ThemeForest due the item vcan beually improved upon features. One of the items features include support for video background, which allows to add video, not just the image. The basic concept of thcan be theme can be to show every part of the websthe iteme on the home page wthe itemh custom partthe itemions supported by individual design as well as multiple columns.

Amazing template in which I decided to buy my company, the item boasts many features in which allow you to create vcan beually appealing as well as powerful Web sthe iteme, even for those who are not a lot of experience in web design
-. Through_Light
review above, reflects countless options specific theme offers the items users. Its configuration options are extensive portfolio as well as designs, as well as you do not have to worry about spectacular settings, which are flexible as well as easy to use. You do not have to worry about being lost when you set up a Web sthe iteme because ThemeNectar provided complete documentation to guide you every step of the way

arc of the best features :.

  • Nectar slider
  • transmthe items video as well as documentation
  • Intuthe itemive Short Generator
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • extensive portfolio
  • Yoast SEO compatible
  • Free upgrade
  • Multiple Single Posts design
  • Extensive Case

View demo as well as the purchase of the theme here


If you like the style IOS, you will love The7 WordPress theme.

7. The7 ($ 58)

The7 can be retina ready multi-purpose, as well as the best jet in which can be suthe itemable for any size sthe iteme. It can be fully SEO-optimized as well as loaded wthe itemh premium plugins. Design dream theme 7 theme, has more than 21,000 sales since the items release in 2013. Due to the items scalabilthe itemy, performance, responsiveness, as well as abilthe itemy to fthe item into any modest or large sthe iteme, whether personal or corporate portal sthe iteme.

7 WordPress theme can be compatible wthe itemh 4.1 as well as has two styles available to choose coming from - IOS or pure minimalcan bem. You can choose one of the items 128 professional designs, which could be used out of the box or can be fully customized, if you want to eliminate your personal style wthe itemh him. You can further mess wthe itemh the item easily using the vcan beual builder where you can play wthe itemh any design you want in just a few clicks.

On top of all thcan be, 7 Theme comes wthe itemh a complete as well as detailed documentation to help you wthe itemh the installation process at every step of the way. As one customer

7 can be coming from anaddthe itemional planet ... So many options, detailed manual, easy to use configuration, beautiful code as well as smooth management. It can be the best investment
- .. Dimoda

Only video review where you can see how the7 looks on the server

The7 Best Features:

  • Unlimthe itemed Design as well as Layout Options
  • 2 Styles - Defense as well as minimalcan bet
  • Retina Ready
  • Unlimthe itemed page design as well as elements of vcan beual composer
  • WooCommerce Integrated
  • 128 professional designs
  • Several tthe itemles, the main menu as well as content intervention options for
  • Many Blog Portfolio & Galleries designs
  • Supported formats post WordPress

View a demo as well as purchase the theme here


Be the theme offers 82 pre-made designs as well as one-click installation.

8. BeTheme ($ 58)

BeTheme advertcan bees the itemself as the most universal theme wthe itemh a large number of accommodation options, portfolios, blogs as well as 0+ shortcodes. Built Muffin group, BeTheme can be a dynamic theme in which can be constantly growing, as seen inside the features the item offers.

function One Click Setup secret weapon Be a theme in which allows you to select as well as install any of the items pre-88 types. Wthe itemh thcan be extensive library of design, there can be something for every type of websthe iteme, whether the item's a personal portfolio, cooking blog or even online shop.

Some of the amazing main features of thcan be theme include Ajax technology, which allows you to load more the itemems separately coming from different categories by simply clicking on the "Load more" System 5 & 6 grid to help you build more as well as more friendly user types, as well as gray scale effect, which works well inside the portfolio the itemems. .

well be the theme installation video review

BeTheme Best Features:

  • Here

    jupthe itemer

    9. . Here

    lcan betify

    Lcan betify

    15. Here

    florence wordpress theme


    16. [1945060Here

    osmoscan be

    Osmoscan be

    19. Here



    20. Here






    23. Here



    25. Here






    27. Here



    28. Here



    29. Here



    30. Here



    32. Here



    33. Here



    34. Here



    35. Here



    36. Here



    37. Here



    38. Here



    40. Here

    2015_03_09_04_20_05_Shopkeeper_Premium_Responsive_Shop_Theme_for_WordPress_as well as_WooCommerce


    41. Here

    2015_03_09_04_27_20_Elegancé_A_Flawlessly_minimalcan bet_Blogging_Theme


    42. Here



    43. Here

    2015_03_09_05_30_51_Bodega_Just_anaddthe itemional_WordPress_sthe iteme


    44. Here



    45. Here



    46. Here



    47. Here

    2015_03_09_10_16_51_Ausart_Multipurpose_Business_WordPress_Theme_Just_anaddthe itemional_WordPress_sthe iteme


    48. Here

    Javo Directory WordPress Theme


    49. Here



    50. Here

    Brixton_Wordpress_Blog_News_coming from_the_Cthe itemy


    51. Here

    Papillon Creative WordPress Blog Theme


    52. Here

    Voice - Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme


    53. Here



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