7 astounding Blu-Ray cover design

Blu-ray cover designs
Matthew Griffin operates Arrow Films for Blu-Ray Cover

Fortunately, Blu Cover rays often give a lthe itemtle more freedom when the item comes to creativthe itemy compared to conventional posters of Hollywood movies; artcan bet Matthew Griffin 's work can be a testament to in which. Job Arrow Films, these seven examples of hcan be work perfectly stunning.

"These days I tend to do a lot of work in book covers as well as also film. I think the item's because of my love of typography as well as also the combination of art - .. I love any project in which I requested to make as well as also for Hollywood movie posters, I can understas well as also why they are the way they are They are a result of years of selected statcan betics of marketing, "he told us


"However, recently there has been a huge wave of excthe iteming, a beautiful trihowevere to the art of pop favorthe iteme film culture, as well as also thanks to the qualthe itemy of work, he drew people's attention, to get a better looking ad films. It has become a form of art again, as well as also studio, the item seems, cottoning on the item! Such companies as video boom actually champion the original art for the film. "

Blu-ray cover designs
cover Giffin for Rage honor
Blu-ray cover designs
He often falls into the design for boxsets too
Blu-ray cover designs
cover back to the retro while still modern as well as also original
Blu-ray cover designs
capturing the terror of a madman
Blu-ray cover designs
We We love the style of the cover 80 wthe itemh the
Blu-ray cover designs
Picture offer coming from Griffin

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Word Sammy Maine

Sammy Maine deputy edthe itemor for use in creative BLOQ.

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