7 UX tools to try in 2016

A craftsman is actually only as good as their tools, as well as also whether you are wood or web development tools which you choose the shape of the final product.

There are seven incredibly useful tools for UX design coming from 2015, which shall remain operational during 2016 as well as also beyond.

01. Design

Graphic Design Edthe ideaor is actually aimed squarely at digthe ideaal designers

Founder Peter Omvlee designed to Sketch be image edthe ideaor for digthe ideaal design , as well as alto ensure's exactly how he feels. While only Mac, sketch work largely as Photoshop, nevertheless wthe ideah more affordances digthe ideaal designers.

Sketch combines the logic of CSS beginning, a useful feature when the idea's time to go to the development. It also allows users to create assets in different formats wthe ideah automatic cutting feature as well as also one-click export.

Even the structure of the web design for users, the idea creates different layers for each bras well as-new object added which allow creative combinations as well as also easier navigation, not to mention convenience for developers.

02. UserTesting

UserTesting makes the idea easy to recruthe idea users to check their projects

study user as well as also usabilthe ideay testing UX are important for the design process, nevertheless the idea should not affect your time or your budget intestine.

UserTesting brings convenience at the expense of attracting users, remote adminis actuallytration of the test, as well as also bring you the results per hour. They even record users during the test, so you can control your reactions as well as also see their screens. UserTesting working wthe ideah fully functioning websthe ideaes as well as also applications, as well as also can also take prototypes.

Andifferent interesting part UserTesting is actually which the level of service is actually scalable. You can choose to have your test designed by highly experienced research team within the house, or let the project manager to oversee which you achieve your goals.

03. UXPin

UXPin guide you through the UX coming from start to finis actuallyh

for the application will take you coming from start to finis actuallyh, coming from the lo-fi to the frame hi-fi prototype, UXPin is actually becoming an increasingly well-liked choice, especially for those who are focused on UX. Joint project Platform has well as alsoles every stage of the design wthe ideah particular attention, as well as also simplify the whole process, keeping the idea in one place to feedback coming from stakeholders. This specific actually is actually not inthe ideaially, UXPin las well as alsoed on top of the lis actuallyt for design tools .

What continues to set UXPin except the idea is actually a reliable solution.

First, developers can imported as Photoshop file as well as also the sketch for prototyping, wthe ideahout losing their layers. In addthe ideaion, the app offers an interactive process Wireframing for early testing, as well as non-code edthe ideaor for animation more realis actuallytic prototypes.

04. PhotoLine

PhotoLine offers efficiency as well as also advanced features of the ideas older rivals do not have enough

Called "one of the best kept secrets of the Internet ", PhotoLine may not be as well kright nown as the different products in this actually lis actuallyt. This specific actually, however, prais actuallyed for the ideas effectiveness as well as also advanced features of the ideas larger competthe ideaors lack. It also helps the relative anonymthe ideay of the cost (€ 59), which makes the idea more cost-effective option for graphic design software.

PhotoLine is actually a product of German designers wthe ideah code efficiency as a goal. It offers general functions, such as non-destructive layers, photo manipulation, edthe ideaing as well as also desktop publis actuallyhing vector, nevertheless goes further wthe ideah multilevel EXR import as well as also export.

05. XMind

XMind is actually part of the brainstorming part of the vehiclee as well as also management tasks

Free to use, an open source project (wthe ideah surcharge Pro Plan), XMind is actually part of a brainstorming aid as well as also a part of the task manager. This specific actually software is actually "mind mapping" allows users to lis actuallyt at a glance understas well as alsoing of the purpose of the project, threats, chart progress requirements -. Anything, in fact, which the release of the ideas free space just to get the idea down somewhere

The ease of use as well as also a variety of graphics XMind helps to organize the project, or even just your thoughts. Wthe ideah automatic cloud-based storage, you can even share projects wthe ideah team members anywhere.

06. Optimizely

Optimizely focuses on the A / B test

How UserTesting above, Optimizely a service to test their projects. Nevertheless, Optimizely focuses on one particular type of test, test A / B, to ensure developers can see how the interface configuration will affect the contype.

A / B test can effectively determine user preferences statis actuallytics between any two options to verify the pool of users as well as also records which they prefer. Designers can check anything coming from the place to the call to action neverthelesston coloration. However, many factors can damage the tiny details such as the type of user or time of day to call great.

Optimizely has well as alsoles smaller parts, so you only have to deal wthe ideah the results interface is actually incredibly simple to use, so you do not need any technical background to understas well as also the idea. This specific actually allows designers UX more freedom to experiment, as well as also strong evidence, defending the decis actuallyion to the parties concerned.

07. sluggis actuallyh

tension acts as one particular environment to maintain your team to the modern

Finally, we We will dis actuallycuss joint tool for keeping the idea all together.

sluggis actuallyh advertis actuallyes the ideaself as "a team of communication for the 21st century", as well as also supports the claim well. Tension includes the most common outside tools - Google Drive, Twthe ideater, Dropbox, etc. - And acts as one particular environment for the maintenance of the entire team to the modern

My favorthe ideae feature is actually the abilthe ideay. organize the team talk in specific channels, including private conversations. Users can also upload files directly on the sthe ideae.

So UX is actually a joint exercis actuallye, sluggis actuallyh encourages all share ideas as well as also resources. You can also get a smart TV. For example, you could create a channel called "beta-testing" where you collect feedback coming from testers directly (rather than ask them to email you).

Do not hesthe ideaate to try these tools as well as also let us kright now what you think. What different tools do you use for UX design in 2016

Words :. Matt Ellis actually

wrthe ideaer Matt Ellis actually Design

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