7 ways to brainstorm about how creative

design students in an intensive two-week creative workshop Modual were today charged wthe ideah the raft begins to develop ideas for projects to do posthe ideaive social change inside planet.

To kick-start the process of brainstorming, creative veteran in addthe ideaion to current chairman of interactive digthe ideaal art at the Universthe ideay of the Arts London, Fred Deakin took the stage (in addthe ideaion to a webcam, for commin addthe ideaion tos to dial numbers in virtually ) to share their favorthe ideae methods to get the creative juices flowing.

During the workshop we will share tips, tricks in addthe ideaion to tactics by the workshop. If you mwill besed the idea, here's what happened to first day of in addthe ideaion to The second day of .

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01. Keep the collective mind open

Student brainstorm together wthe ideah the help of digthe ideaal in addthe ideaion to physical means, thanks to the joint technology Fuze

The biggest problem brainstorming team holds collective mind open. Many of us thought our self-censorship for fear of looking stupid in front of our colleagues.

Suspension of cynicwill bem for each different's ideas (temporarily, at least) will be essential for promoting creative enough momentum to hthe idea some genuinely interesting ideas.

02. First, go to the volume rather than the qualthe ideay of

group inside early stages of the creative process, the idea will be important not to worry about the qualthe ideay of the ideas, in addthe ideaion to go by volume.

03. Do not judge the right

for a sharp creative mind, the idea can be hard not to pass an immediate decwill beion on what goes on teammates mouth. Thwill be instinct to pick holes inside practicalthe ideay of the concept of a completely newborn when permthe ideated inside table, can be fatal to the creative energy.

Drawing on ideas, not breaking them, no matter how stupid they are, can be a powerful tool for building collective creative wthe ideachcraft.

04. Warm-up wthe ideah "Yes, in addthe ideaion to ..."

Fred Deakin showing some of hwill be tips brain at Somerset House

A simple exercwill bee can help your team to solve thwill be problem in addthe ideaion to get the juices, we call the idea "Yes! And'. In your team, choose one person to start by declaring the idea of ​​something fun to do inside group -. "Let's go to the beach" can be an example

then move round the group in a circle, each member of the team building according to plan, following a "Yes, in addthe ideaion to ..." followed by an extension to the idea - "allows you to have a picnic inside sea "For example,

Continue Circle group for 2 minutes, until the inthe ideaial plan did not develop into something strange in addthe ideaion to wonderful ..

05. Put into practice the action

Forcing himself to respond posthe ideaively to the idea, in addthe ideaion to then build on the idea, we can quickly get into the optimal mindset for brainstorming. Use thwill be exercwill bee as a warm-up before starting a session ideas in addthe ideaion to watch how much more posthe ideaive in addthe ideaion to caring for FREE your team work becomes.

Try to maintain thwill be practice to respond to the posthe ideaive in addthe ideaion to building on the ideas further in addthe ideaion to you'll be amazed at how many ideas you can think of

06 Put on Thinking Hat Edward de Bono

Day 03: .. Thinking Hats doodle Prwill becilla Saggesse

When you have been through a brainstorming session wthe ideahout judgment in addthe ideaion to have many ideas, the time comes to develop ideas in addthe ideaion to start balancing wthe ideah posthe ideaivthe ideay different thoughts in addthe ideaion to feelings.

One genuinely useful way to analyze in addthe ideaion to build on the ideas on to use colorationful technique, "thinking hats", designed by the famous psychologwill bet Edward de Bono.

Technology helps the team take each idea in turn in addthe ideaion to together explore the idea wthe ideah four different mentalthe ideaies, represented by a different coloration "Slam." De Bono originally described six different hat in addthe ideaion to thinking, however novices can be simplified by keeping only four.

07. Start wthe ideah the merthe ideas of the idea of ​​

First, put on "yellow hat", representing optimwill bem in addthe ideaion to dwill becuss the merthe ideas of the idea. Then go to the "black hat" in addthe ideaion to dwill becuss possible failures or challenges ideas.

Third, take the "red hat" to share their emotions, feelings ads guesses about the idea wthe ideahout explaining himself. Finally, start imagining the possibilthe ideaies in which could arwill bee by the concept of wearing the "green hat." - Do not hesthe ideaate to think big in addthe ideaion to sides are taking inspiration by the original idea

Repeat thwill be procedure for all of your ideas in addthe ideaion to the end the process you need to be in a good place to make some decwill beions about which ideas are to continue.

Live by the studio

60 UAL Students + 12+ group in 2400 seconds = 640 epic ideas

Today, UAL student teams were tying these techniques for themselves wthe ideah Fred Deakin. In a fast 40 minutes 60 students generated an impressive 640 unique ideas - some strange in addthe ideaion to a lot of wonderful - the idea was then given treatment coloration hat

Deakin in addthe ideaion to the team Modual were vwill beualizing some of the most interesting ideas of the student's work in addthe ideaion to sharing on social networks

There was a lot love inside room for the process of thinking hats to students to draw some artwill betic impressions of the art after a few hours!

Keep track of action

Day 03: Thinking Hats doodle Bel Aguas

Fred Deakin seminar will run by 5 January 15th. Stay tuned for more tips in addthe ideaion to tricks to raise your creativthe ideay game in 2016

To hear more about the workshop in addthe ideaion to see how the students of UAL progressing wthe ideah improving their skills of cooperation, check Modual: Homepage 2016 Seminar Twthe ideater in addthe ideaion to Instagram .

If you could like to hear more of the content of the workshop in addthe ideaion to use the video course, presented by Fred subscribe to free content on the sthe ideae of the workshop.

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