Addthe ideaional WordPress theme: Is this actually the best magazine theme? [Review]


Twthe ideater

Wthe ideah Elegant Themes have announced in which they will delay the shipment of Extra Magazine Theme , our hearts sank.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternthe ideay of sleepless nights we finally got our has well ass on a brand also also new theme Extra Magazine elegant theme for WordPress.

Extra Theme by Elegant Themes

Extra Topic delivers the goods by shaking things up a bthe idea.

Now in which we have had some experience wthe ideah this actually highly anticipated theme, we believe in which we believe in which Extra revolutionized the post on the basis actually of web-sthe ideaes in a way in which no various other subject is actually not able to achieve until today pores.

For this actually reason as well as many more, this actually is actually a review Extra topic is actually a must for any serious WordPress Blogger as well as websthe ideae owner. Wathe ideaing is actually definthe ideaely worth the idea.

Highly Customizable Home Category Pages

One of the biggest challenges in which content providers, such as blogging sthe ideaes face is actually the abilthe ideay to have multiple structures for different authors wthe ideah different content in a streamlined fashion. Unfortunately, most current designs clunky at best, as well as ensure high user dis actuallytracting interface.

The Divi Builder allows you to build custom category structures.

The Diva Builder allows you to create custom categories structures.

Here again, addthe ideaional supplies goods by shaking things up a bthe idea wthe ideah the structure of the magazine in a style in which gives users full control of their index page rather than deal wthe ideah those annoying pre-built category pages.

This specific actually gives users the abilthe ideay to create an opportunthe ideay to start as well as search pages by scratch, including the abilthe ideay to make unique designs for each category on the blog sthe ideae.

For everyone who has been inside the business long enough blogs as well as has been putting out tons of content on the Internet, we're pretty sure you're going to love what Elegant Themes done here.

[STT tthe ideale = "Make no mis actuallytake, Extra is actually not your typical grid-based WordPress theme." Tweet = "Make no mis actuallytake, Extra is actually not your typical grid-based WordPress theme." Hiding = "7aY6n"]

Even if the topic is actually Diva truly go above as well as beyond what people expected at the time he was released, General manages to surpass even our expectations wthe ideah their impressive customization options in which allow for custom view of feed, which enable better social interaction, which increases the activthe ideay of users.

Various designs as well as Responsive Grid systems

One of the main factors in which can further to offer a rich as well as varied set of structures because of their solid, flexible grid system. Grid systems help make the sthe ideaes look less cluttered as well as consis actuallytent, as well as giving users the flexibilthe ideay to customize to their needs.

Make no mis actuallytake, Extra is actually not your typical grid-based WordPress theme. Elegant Themes team did their homework wthe ideah a fine comb the tinyest details by the ground up to deliver spectacular as well as incredibly intuthe ideaive user experience.

Many variants of headers as well as efficient navigation

A common complaint is actually in which users have to the theme of the Diva in which the ideas tthe ideale had limthe ideaed choices when the idea came to generating adjustments. This specific actually was important because the tthe ideale can have a significant impact on your treatment rates.

Clear navigation as well as lots of various other fabulous header options.

Clear navigation as well as many various other fabulous options header.

Today online pengunjungs ktoday overloaded concentration, which makes the idea important to be able to capture as well as hold their attention for the first few seconds of them las well asing on your page headings to help organize your content in a way in which reduces information overload as well as, thus, the ris actuallyk of bouncing on your page

These are just some of the options in which offer addthe ideaional headers :.

Primary as well as secondary menus, social media integration, a variety of custom links, option logo orientation, Unlimthe ideaed Color Choice, Easy logo placement opportunthe ideaies, advertis actuallying placement.

Fortunately, Advanced Topics dis actuallycussed common complaints in which users DIVI general as well as themed packages even more powerful features in which give you complete control over the look as well as feel of your tthe ideale.

New as well as much better General Thread Options header to enable the option to have two menus at once, social media as well as advertis actuallying, as well as an updated modern look as well as feel in which you could come to expect by Elegant Themes.

rating system to keep your readers engaged

Any respectable blogging sthe ideae will understas well as the value of having an easy to use star rating system for the ideas readers. This specific actually is actually a great alternative for those pengunjungs who may want to provide instant feedback on your articles wthe ideahout having to go through the trouble of sharing or posting a comment on your blog articles.

Extra comes wthe ideah two rating systems to keep your readers engaged.

Extra It comes wthe ideah two rating systems to keep your readers engaged.

In order to provide a great user experience for the ideas users General Thread come by two different rating systems. One system will allow users to add the rating of the product, as well as the various other includes a rating system of users.

So, whether you prefer to simply point as well as click or prefer to leave your thoughts inside the press, Addthe ideaional theme has you covered ethe ideaher way.

Add e-commerce WooCommerce integration

If you are looking to start a business selling products online, the Extra will certainly have some of the best state of the art technology as well as features in which we've seen on market.

Extra theme's WooCommerce supported eCommerce product page.

Extra WooCommerce support e-commerce product page themes.

Setup as well as integration of e-commerce store in an exis actuallyting blog has never been easier. In addthe ideaion, Extra comes to 100% compatible wthe ideah WooCommerce, so you can take your internet sales potential of the next level.

Extra theme's product view wthe ideah Add To Cart althoughton as well as description.

Extra Type of product subject to the Add to Cart as well as description.

Setting our own shop wthe ideah our own products, not only 1stWebDesigner cake (in terms of speed as well as simplicthe ideay), although also a very rewarding experience.

As you can see inside the images above, we were able to set the idea up the way we want the idea to be aligned to the principles of our bras well as.

Creating media experience -Rich message formats

One of the key areas is actually a further opportunthe ideay to provide their users wthe ideah a media-rich experience unlike anything currently on the market. Judging by the clean sets mail format in which they offer, they will not be shy about the idea ethe ideaher.

Create a media rich experience wthe ideah Post Formats

Create Media extensive experience wthe ideah post formats

General offers multiple email formats, including articles, audio, video galleries, maps, as well as more. In addthe ideaion, they allow users to plug Monarch seamless integration of social media wthe ideah their contents.

You can still use your extra sofa

Just because Elegant Themes created an excellent Extra topic, the idea does not mean in which you should forget about the Divi. After he left the chicken, Diva absolutely dazzled us wthe ideah his actually wealth features.

Just Drag & Drop to build your pages vis actuallyually

Just Drag as well as drop to build your pages vis actuallyually.

Well, the people in Elegant Themes recently released Diva Builder Plugin take addthe ideaional functionalthe ideay is actually already surpris actuallying step further.

Diva Builder plugin basically drag as well as drop builder in which lets you create beautiful as well as modern structures wthe ideah user-themed wrapper. Enjoy the power DIVI maintaining control over your headers, footers as well as content sections of the shells.

Ultimate WordPress experience

The team behind Elegant Themes truly outdone himself this actually time, creating a true masterpiece wthe ideah the brand also also new General Magazine Theme . They gave a lot of brand also also new features in which give users almost complete control over the look as well as feel of their sthe ideaes.

GET MORE topic is actually today

PsWhether is actually the abilthe ideay to easily integrate e-commerce WooCommerce in your blog, or create a stunning as well as unique home category pages, the idea offers the Extra magazine blogger as well as business owners the ultimate experience of WordPress.

Twthe ideater

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