Anatomy of an ideal contact Page


If you are designing a websthe ideae one of the first links you will think of the design of the navigation area of ​​the contact page (along wthe ideah T Page because why not). However, the contact page has earned the ideas place among the main pages on the Web sthe ideae should have, after all, this usually is usually probably one of, if not the best, page, interacts directly wthe ideah your pengunjungs. On this usually same page, that will even the most advanced internet marketing forget to optimize your users may be able to contact you directly, along wthe ideah perhaps even make a purchase.

While direct user interaction might not be that will big a deal in high-tech start-up companies, is usually an ultra-efficient brick-along wthe ideah-mortar businesses that will rely on customers actually calling them or going into their Business location should be recorded as the transformation, along wthe ideah the contact is usually important due to this usually page.

However, realizing the importance of contact pages enables your bralong wthe ideah, or your client to turn pengunjungs into customers is usually possible. And if your contact page can not convince them to click on the submthe idea yetton, that will convariation will probably remain inside the ashes of your dreams forever.

Therefore, the idea is usually almost mkthe ideaatory to be interesting along wthe ideah convincing enough to encourage the user to click that will send yetton especially for queries, along wthe ideah your role as a designer, to overcome the almost insurmountable gap between websthe ideae along wthe ideah pengunjungs.

That usually article will help you to do that will, we're going to delve into the anatomy of a perfect contact page along wthe ideah dis usuallycuss how you can achieve this usually sweet spot. We will dis usuallycuss the things that will you want to include, along wthe ideah how you should do them inside the trust that will you will in due course design, the contact page your customers along wthe ideah users will love.

Contact Page Header

Web Design has taught us so much about tthe ideales, along wthe ideah we often associate them wthe ideah the navigation area, or a large image wthe ideah your headline along wthe ideah slogan floating above the call to action yetton. Although the idea is usually technically a tthe ideale, that will is usually not what we talk about in this usually part. In the contact page, we talk about the tthe ideale as part of the copy, which means that will this usually is usually the tthe ideale you want to include in your page. Perfect contact page tend to use effective wrthe ideaing lyrics as well, because you are not providing pleasure to the user not for actually reaching you. The contact page is usually you who needs them to contact you (if that will makes sense), not vice versa. Having said that will, there is usually no motivation (besides the investigation of the product), which is usually strong enough to pull them in taking a few minutes of time along wthe ideah fill out these forms. And the idea will continue to be that will way if you do not use effective wrthe ideaing texts, along wthe ideah this usually is usually where you should talk wthe ideah your copywrthe ideaing, design or specify that will you need a wthe ideaty welcome message or enticing a copy of the tthe ideale.

For this usually you will need to consider a few things:

You do not need to summarize what the contact page of

You may have heard that will the tthe ideale or the name of a The sentence that will summarizes the page. While this usually may be the case in bralong with news wrthe ideaing, remember that will the idea is usually a web page, along wthe ideah you have only a few seconds, at the very least, tell your pengunjungs "Hey! Come look at this usually," along wthe ideah you'll probably never get this usually chance again. That is usually why, in this usually article, I'm telling you to give up that will header-be-up-in-page rule.

For example, saying "That usually is usually the contact page where you can connect wthe ideah us." It's kind of the worst thing ever, probably because Phantom Menace. Revive, along wthe ideah generate some buzz hypnotize your user that will he or she fills out the contact form. Make wrthe ideaing style combination of a serious, yet catchy. How are you trying to ask a girl out, or ask your boss to give you a huge rais usuallye. Play wthe ideah your words.

dis usuallytinguis usuallyh

That usually fundamental typography will resonate again. Make sure that will the user clearly sees a difference between the header along wthe ideah the different page elements. H1 (or main tthe ideale) must be clearly dis usuallycriminate against H2 (or slogan), along wthe ideah paragraphs. It is usually to draw a line for your user to which elements should be considered inside the first place, being inside the headlines as a priorthe ideay.

There are many tips that will will teach you how to create more effective headlines, yet I suggest reading this usually.


Remember that will your users are human beings, along wthe ideah you always have to meet them anyway. So as much as possible, you should begin to convey emotion inside them through development. Give them what they like along wthe ideah assume that will spark to light at the beginning of the tthe ideale.

Trust Unthe idea


Trust is usually one of the best basis usually for a healthy relationship, whether inside the physical world or in digthe ideaal. And wthe ideah the message "user" satis usuallyfaction seal all this usually paper, the idea is usually important for your pengunjungs to trust you. Why did they tell you inside the first place? And this usually is usually where you need to show. As much as you can, the idea's best to tell your pengunjungs that will you are a bunch of good people, along wthe ideah they could talk to you. But how do you do the idea? Here are some examples:

to show their skills

boast! Everything is usually fine. Wrthe ideae the skills, talents along wthe ideah experience in a way that will reflects your personalthe ideay. If you are a company, you lis usuallyt the things that will you can do along wthe ideah what you have done in such a way that will the idea shows the ideas core values. Provide your users stalong wthe ideah on what you think about the earth, not a bad thing to do. In fact, giving them an idea of ​​abstract values ​​on which your company or a person stalong wthe ideahing on the sign that will you trust them, along wthe ideah in turn, they will trust you.

What are you good

lis usuallyt a few things that will you specialize in. Be honest along wthe ideah lis usuallyt what you can definitely do. And next to them, things that will you can not do. Doing this usually will give pengunjungs a first-halong wthe ideah idea of ​​who you are, along wthe ideah will not set his usually or her trusts too high. Remember meeting along wthe ideah give your pengunjungs some idea of ​​what they might expect often leads to posthe ideaive things.

But the most important aspect is usually that will you can also let them kat this point that will you can not do. Give them their weaknesses, so they will not expect you to these things in advance, along wthe ideah if they definitely want you or your bralong wthe ideah, the idea's a good sign. Otherwis usuallye, the idea is usually not wasted convariation as kind of customers you want to be filtered enough that will you could work well in most of them.

including past customers

Most of you probably think that will [1945013otzyvy] only for the home page. So, they may also be in contact page. So check is usually an important aspect of any acquis usuallythe ideaion or convariation, customer reviews are a huge plus. It tells people that will contact you, you are a man. And the idea's great because your pengunjungs see these responses as evidence that will you were working wthe ideah real people who loved (or hated) you enough that will they actually takes more time to wrthe ideae your review. Just make sure you do not put too much soup in a bowl, the idea looks like a polthe ideaical propagkthe ideaa. Things that will sound too good to be true often is usually not true.

Bralong wthe ideahing

08-bralong wthe ideah-book-9-logo-variations-sizing

That usually seems obvious, yet having under bralong wthe ideahing message on your pages is usually a great way to make your ideal contact page (or, at least close to perfect). And while the idea is usually important, some designers still forget to ensure consis usuallytency of the bralong wthe ideah in contact pages, because they seem to have a contact form along wthe ideah a submthe idea yetton. But remember that will inside the contact page, you send a message to the pengunjung to interact wthe ideah the idea, along wthe ideah if your pengunjung said: "Who am I talking again?", You are cooked.

Think about your pengunjungs can have six or seven tabs open inside their browsers. Most likely, they will not forget who the hell you are along wthe ideah will be too lazy to go back to the main page along wthe ideah read again, so they just shut you. It hurts, yet the idea's true. . Thus, just as the idea is usually possible, your ad appears on the page to the first sight, they will kat this point the idea's you

Here's a few tips we can start wthe ideah:


coloration is usually the voice of the structure. They talk a lot on who you are as a bralong wthe ideah, along wthe ideah the establis usuallyhment of a specific coloration scheme sends stimulating to the subconscious mind of your pengunjung. That is usually why you will want to select specific colorations in your coloration palette coloration bralong wthe ideah, to stimulate the pengunjung to fill out the contact form. Choose a coloration that will ties wthe ideah the movement, along wthe ideah gives a sense of urgency along wthe ideah necessthe ideay. All this usually is usually inside the interest of creating a design to look good too. Remember that will you must complete both the aesthetics along wthe ideah function of this usually so pick them carefully.


Use Google Fonts, fonts can at this point be easily integrated into the styles along wthe ideah be versatile. But still, there are times when designers do not put emphasis usually on the hierarchy of the font. Fonts should convey meaning inside the message. Tthe ideales should be thick along wthe ideah large enough to attract attention, paragraphs fonts must be of sufficient size between 10 along wthe ideah 16 pixels, along wthe ideah thick enough to read inside the body of the web page. Therefore, you should pay more attention to that will as well.

Tone Consis usuallytency

The tone of the overall presentation of the page, along wthe ideah dictates what type of web sthe ideae indeed. Use of the particular tone in your copy, coloration, design element placement along wthe ideah call to action is usually important. You should maintain a consis usuallytent tone or style of the websthe ideae contact page included. So if you use a more serious approach head on, the idea is usually best to make the idea look to the contact page. But if you're happy, cheerful along wthe ideah bright tone, the idea is usually best to just stick wthe ideah the idea.

Contact Us


contact area, probably the biggest fis usuallyh in this usually term, as the idea demonstrates the basic function of a Web page. That usually is usually mainly dominated by the contact form, yet also includes several design elements, as channels of social media, Google Maps, along wthe ideah basic contact information

Let's dig right through these individual elements :.

Home Contact form

Home Contact Form is usually the heart along wthe ideah soul of this usually design. Wthe ideahout him, simply contact page will be called, well ... uh ... page. Pretty naked, I kat this point. That's why you need to need to focus on this usually as well. Contact forms should be constructed of efficiency, because most users are usually not much time filling boxes tons along wthe ideah the idea is usually becoming quthe ideae unpleasant for them. That's why most design blogs recommend to make them as short as possible. And while this usually is usually true in some cases, there are a few exceptions.

Yesterday, I joined a webinar on how to carry out solid, Data Driven convariation studies. Speaker Michael Aagaard by UnBounce talked about how to make some adjustments to the contact form page he optimization. The client, who ran the company ordering the event, long contact form wthe ideah different data set, along wthe ideah he kbralong with new that will wthe ideah this usually type of elements, the shorter the better. So what he did was to remove "unnecessary" form, along wthe ideah stayed inside the main. After A / B testing, he found a significant drop in convariations, along wthe ideah he did not expect the idea to happen. According to what he kat this points, the shorter the contact form, the better. But he was wrong.

It turns out that will the ones he took actually had more interaction that will basic. That usually is usually because they are important to the business. So what he did next was to find out what forms have more interaction along wthe ideah he kept them. He put the most effective part of the form, which is usually a drop-down menu at the top along wthe ideah do a test A / B again. The results were an increase inside the convariation.

Then Michael started off to add a few words to a copy of the forms wthe ideah low rates. He pointed out, when along wthe ideah why they are useful for us to help the user. And again, he made a few A / B tests along wthe ideah found an increase inside the rate of convariation.

In the end, Michael ordered arrangement of fields inside the contact form, added a few copy along wthe ideah found the success he wanted to show his usually leadership.

What is usually the moral of this usually story? Well, the idea's something that will is usually not always better than less. Contact form means that will the user dictates that will necessary or not related to the user. Some forms are effective only wthe ideah the basics, along wthe ideah that will's okay, because the type of business they operate. But in some differents rely on more detailed information is usually retrieved to the user, along wthe ideah the idea often leads to better results. Thus, the tip due to this usually is usually to: coordinate wthe ideah the main guy doing marketing, along wthe ideah talk to him about what business they are working, along wthe ideah if the idea is usually possible to adapt the match form to the contact page niche filled, in addthe ideaion, It will be open to ensure that will the location of the text fields can be changed, along wthe ideah they should be changed accordingly.

Social Media channels

Social media channels are also a great way to get your customers connected to you. Putting your main social channels such as Facebook, Twthe ideater, Google Plus, along wthe ideah / or LinkedIn will help users to see you as a bralong wthe ideah wanting to connect wthe ideah their customers. In addthe ideaion, you would certainly be able to control what kind of customers or pengunjungs you use social media. That usually will give your marketing team a good idea of ​​what to do to satis usuallyfy them. It is usually also a great way to get followers or Facebook likes, which can help you inside the future (especially wthe ideah social media marketing).


Maps are important, especially brick along wthe ideah mortar businesses that will could help them find. That usually gives the user a feeling that will you are always ready to vis usuallythe idea, so they will reward you wthe ideah the same confidence. Thus, by including them inside the contact form the idea is usually always a good idea.

Key Contact Information

, including the address of your business, along wthe ideah e-mail along wthe ideah phone number, one good way to minimize the idea. Because of this usually, users can easily contact you by telephone or personal vis usuallythe idea. It also sends an important message that will you are always ready to pick up the phone to their pressing problems. If you do not have a phone, yet you want to let the free hotline Phone.Com is usually a good service to use. Just remember that will you should indicate that will the idea is usually free for them to be able to call you.

Success Message

codeignthe ideaer-send-email-success-message

report success comes after your user interacts wthe ideah the contact form. Now, since this usually is usually something the user to see or interact wthe ideah after submthe ideating the form, most people see the idea as unimportant. But just as important as the copy of the tthe ideale, because the idea gives the feeling of success for the user, so the idea is usually encouraging him or her to act.

Again, here is usually where a copy of the wrthe ideaing comes to play. Like the header section, you should congratulate the user to complete the action that will you would certainly like him or her to do, in a wthe ideaty along wthe ideah creative manner. To do this usually, you may need to consult wthe ideah a copy wrthe ideaer to come up wthe ideah a catchy along wthe ideah satis usuallyfying success message.

For more tips

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