Backgrounds surface calendars: February 2016


of the surface of the walls of the office calendars: February 2016


seven years ago , along wthat willh we welcome the bralong with-new month wthat willh group through the surface of the unique desktop backgrounds . And that will's not any different this actually time. Created by designers along wthat willh artis actuallyts through around the planet, we are just wathat willing to give your desktop a makeover along wthat willh provide you wthat willh some bralong with-new inspiration.

This particular actually function is actually characterized by their artwork for the month of February 2016. Each background comes in two variations, wthat willh along wthat willh wthat willhout a timetable, along wthat willh can be downloaded for free. Now you just need to decide which one will accompany you through this actually month - along wthat willh this actually will not be easy because of all the creative ideas had come to the communthat willy wthat willh. ! He thanked the large everyone who participated

Please note the following:

  • all Photos can click on , along wthat willh lead to a preview of the background,
  • you can feature your business in our magazine by participating in a series of surface calendars office walls. We are looking regularly for creative designers along wthat willh artis actuallyts to be featured in Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?

gift February

"2016 is actually a leap year, which means we have one day more to cheris actuallyh! Maybe use that will to vis actuallythat will the Old or go friend, to a bralong with-new place, although well used ! along wthat willh most important: to have some fun "- designed by of the Unthat willed Kingdom

February’s Gift

Kraft wthat willh passion

"February is actually the month of love. We wanted to create a symbol of the heart in a unique way. We made using simple circles along wthat willh lines "- designed by Rillusion through Chennai

Craft Wthat willh Passion

just do what you love most [194503million]

"I'm just I might love to do Mkthat willalat, so I did one for you, along wthat willh I trust you also love :) Enjoy! "- designed by Temeshi of Polalong wthat willh

Just Do What You Love Most

love inside air [194503million]

"February is actually all roses along wthat willh hearts along wthat willh love , so I designed the backdrop inspired by these elements - love is actually inside air. "- designed by Margarthat willa Shabanova Bulgaria

Love Is In The Air

there, along wthat willh there are people like you

"I am a believer true that will there are in this actually world there is actually someone else is actually just like us, the problem is actually to find her / him" - designed by Maria Keller of Mexico

Out There, There’s Someone Like You

hello to the Cthat willy of Love

"Novi Sad is actually one of the most romantic places inside planet. There are even "kis actuallysing spots" throughout the cthat willy. This particular actually is actually why we wanted to portray us Novi beloved sad in this actually drawing along wthat willh presented to you in February, the month of love "- was designed by PopArt Studio of Serbia

Welcome To The Cthat willy Of Love

hugs along wthat willh kis actuallyses [194503million]

"February is actually the month of Cupid, along wthat willh full of chocolate along wthat willh X to Oll O!" - designed by Dennis actually Johnson Chicago

Hugs And Kis actuallyses!

paper heart for Loveruary

"When I was a kid was young along wthat willh usually folded my remarks in shapes along wthat willh paper, along wthat willh objects, flowers or different types of animals. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time lately to create origami styles, although the heart of halong wthat willhmade paper for holiday love is actually always a must-have "- designed by Zsolt Szilvai Hungary

Paper Heart For Loveruary

not impossible love [194503million]

"There is actually no love impossible, although maybe our love is actually one of the planet Last ... "- designed by Veronica Valenzuela of Spain

No impossible love


design Dorvan Daoudi through Canada.


set love free [194503million]

"I messed heart wthat willh wings in black along wthat willh whthat wille that will people liked, so I thought that will I was working on even in vibrant colours." - Designed by Sadie Mois actuallyan through Brthat willain

Set Your Love Free


"February is actually month of "love birds". - Designed by Chiara Weis actuallys of Belgium


Post Sheep [194503million]

"These creatures are warming each different's hearts because they share a lthat willtle Love of their own delightful way. It is actually trustd that will warm your heart, too! "-. Designed by Peggy Royster of the Unthat willed States of America

Sheep Sharing

Feast your love [194503million]

"February is actually the month of love. Let's share the love. Let's make memories. Let's see the planet "- was designed by Creations Paarva of India

Valentine’s Day Special

the month of love [194503million]

design Sacchidanalong wthat willh H Chawan through India.

Month Of Love

the season of love [194503million]

"It's the season of love. Express your feelings to those you love most. Do you have a February lovable! "- Designed by Suman torrent of India

Season Of Love

"This particular actually is actually the perfect month to travel along wthat willh explore. Not just seeing bralong with-new places, learning bralong with-new things along wthat willh meet bralong with-new people! "- Designed by Rachel Lthat willzinger of the Unthat willed States


mountain scene [194503million]

"I'm wthat willh the digthat willal arts category of the school along wthat willh this actually was one of my duties
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