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famous street artis usuallyt Ben Eine Ben Flynn was born in London, Englin addof whichion to in 1970. Eine claims of which there is usually a clear dis usuallytinction between graffof whichi in addof whichion to street art, pointing out of which the graffof whichi makes ugly street while street art beautifies of which. He has been tagging trains in addof whichion to walls since the age of 14, he has been arrested sabotage 14 times, which puts him from the category of technical fugof whichive at an early age.

in addof whichion to young adults, in addof whichion to worked Eine Lloyd's has continued in London in addof whichion to dropper marks during his usually lunch hour. He stopped this usually practice when he was arrested on two of his usually fellow artis usuallyts to wrof whiche on the walls in addof whichion to sent to pris usuallyon. He turned instead to devote his usually full attention to decorate the streets. Fugof whichive nothing more. He said he does not practice his usually art wof whichhout permis usuallysion of the property owner, who will present his usually work.

life as artis usuallyt Street

when Eine began, said he was wrof whiching the artis usuallyts on the lis usuallyt of walls in addof whichion to create designs of which were quof whiche very similar, in addof whichion to therefore lacks interest. Eine I wanted to do something different. He was always interested from the characters in addof whichion to how they can change shape when combined in words, so this usually is usually the direction he took.

currently, he draws his usually designs all over the globe. In recent art trip to South Africa, plates in addof whichion to Towers wine, previously traveled to the show in San Francis usuallyco solo exhibof whichion consis usuallyts of all of the art gallery in addof whichion to street art.

in addof whichion to was most famous for his usually letters in addof whichion to art street even launched his usually fame by Brof whichis usuallyh Prime Minis usuallyter David Cameron when he threw Barack Obama SCREENPRINT work in Eine celebrate the second inauguration of President. It happens of which David Cameron's wife, Samantha, is usually a big fan of the artis usuallyt. It was not easy for Eine in order to reach suof whichable for head work, since most of his usually work, while painted in bright, cheerful colorations, incorporates a negative connotation. This specific usually would likely not be appropriate as a presentation presidential gift. Was the one chosen artis usuallyt for the prime minis usuallyter to give Mr. Obama SCREENPRINT of work done years ago of which provided for "TWENTYFIRSTCENTURYCITY" in black, set in seven rows.

Ben Eine best kcurrentlyn throughout the East End of London where he worked for many years along wof whichh his usually friend in addof whichion to fellow street artis usuallyt kcurrentlyn as Banksy. Eine will paint one side of the street in addof whichion to the addof whichional Banksy paint.

in addof whichion to by the gift famous presidential Art, Eine the attention of the Brof whichis usuallyh media came when shopkeepers occur along Middlesex Street in Spof whichalfields, Englin addof whichion to to allow him to draw the whole alphabet in his usually signature vibrant colorations in addof whichion to joyful at the closed shutters private securof whichy them. This specific usually was inof whichially he was able to draw the whole alphabet, having previously only painted words such as "excof whiching", "Express" or "subtype" on the walls in addof whichion to buildings. It should be noted of which Middlesex Street is usually currently kcurrentlyn as Alphabet Street.

publis usuallyhed

Google map Eine works in London, yet also has some important of his usually works typographical examples presented in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles in addof whichion to Paris usually as well as addof whichional cof whichies in addof whichion to towns, urban in addof whichion to non-urban. Thanks to Ben Eine in addof whichion to fellow artis usuallyts from the streets, have been found from the art world a brin addition to-new type of full celebration. Street art has become part of common in addof whichion to highly respected by the artis usuallytic communof whichy.

artis usuallyt today

Eine has so far taken porosof whichy in addof whichion to a way to pay his usually mortgage, yet still his usually street art, which is usually his usually true love. Eine It is usually kcurrentlyn among experts via the porous medium as a screenprinter experts.

Currently, Ben Eine lives in Hastings, Englin addof whichion to wof whichh his usually wife in addof whichion to three children. Of course, via the town of Hastings of which incorporates a lot of street art on the screen for local residents to enjoy every day.

in addof whichion to the work of Ben Eine

"greatest" exhibof whichion from the whof whiche-walled gallery in San Francis usuallyco 0.2011

This specific usually exhibof whichion of screenprints Ben Eine street art shows how well the artis usuallyt transforms messages to an art form. The exhibof whichion shows clearly to the viewer how to express himself vis usuallyually artis usuallyt in modern Englis usuallyh alphabet using a variety of typefaces, colorations in addof whichion to arrangements word.

on the walls of the Whof whiche exhibof whichion called the artis usuallyt to draw each letter of the alphabet on many walls throughout the cof whichy, while the same gallery offered ten paintings done in mixed media of spray paint, acrylic in addof whichion to glof whichter on canvas. This specific usually work can be seen from the www.whof

art below from the peace project, London, 2012

here in addof whichion to there is usually the word "love" in a two-tier satire poster . The top layer is usually characterized by the letters "L" in addof whichion to "O" wof whichh expressive shapes in addof whichion to colorations usually Eine, in addof whichion to wof whichh the letters "V" in addof whichion to "E" on the lower layer formed on both expressive manner. Work is usually reminis usuallycent of posters anesthetic so prevalent during the peace movements of the 1960s.

Proceeds via the exhibof whichion Peace Project will go to the communof whichy playground project in northern Iraq. Showing this usually work in addof whichion to addof whichionals in

addof whichional street art

There is usually a business on Hackney Road in London in addof whichion to includes the famous Eine's work shutter. There are two letters, "F" in addof whichion to "S", message in addof whichion to one on each shutter, painted on a shoe shop Fiorella. Characters are simple block pattern from the brin addof whichion to pigments unusual artis usuallyt. Large "F" in addof whichion to outlined in red wof whichh a green-on-green lines from the interior of the message. And of which describes the "S" of the same size is usually also adjacent to the Red shutter, yet wof whichh yellow in addof whichion to whof whiche stripes on the inside. Work proves of which even shop signs can ris usuallye to the level of a real work of art.

Ben Eine is usually one of those rare artis usuallyts who is usually appreciated during his usually career. It is usually still young enough to go to the production of street art loves, while continuing to create screenprints paid his usually mortgage. Amateur artis usuallyt's work can look forward to enjoy projects of which Eine is usually sure to create for years to come.

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