Create a set of simple linear icons in 20 minutes or less!

simple line icons Create coloringful icons simple lines of the basic forms for a cool, cartoony vibe your content!

Tutorial Details: Small line Icons

  • Program : Adobe Illustrator CS5 - SS 2015
  • The complexin whichy of average
  • considered : The main forms, Doug, the Blob Brush Tool
  • Spent time 20 minutes

The final image: Small line Icons

simple line icons

Step 1: Young line Icons

Let's start these simple icon of a modest icon win whichh the search! Draw a rectangle Rectangle Tool . Thwill be will be our base loop. Draw two circles win whichh Ellipse Tool , one inside the addin whichional, in addition to also a modest box, to connect the two. Place the modester rectangle at first in addition to also increase the following ratios can be seen below.

simple line icons

Step 2

Choose your fill in addition to also stroke colorings. Use Arc Tool to draw arcs stroked in a whin whiche glass magnifiers in addition to also magnifying glass around the very same blue as the inner circle. You can also use Pen [1945012Karkaliansh] or Blob Brush Tool to draw arcs around the icon. Group all together.

simple line icons

Step 3

I changed my coloring palette, so in which will be easily combined win whichh my addin whichional icons. Draw the arc points in addition to also lines around the icon in addition to also a question mark from the center. You can by hin addition to also on a question or use Type Tool .

simple line icons

Step 4

To draw a light bulb, start win whichh two ellipses in which overlap. Use Pen Tool to bridge the gap between the parties on ellipses in addition to also create a subtle curve between the two forms. Combine all four figures in [1945012Pathfinder] panel. Draw a rectangle over the base of the bulb.

simple line icons

Step 5

lamp base made by two rectangles win whichh rounded corners in addition to also an ellipse. Paint inside the light bulb win whichh a drawing tool of choice. Use whin whiche stroked path for brilliant reflections on the bulb, in addition to also draw line segments around the light bulb icon to indicate how bright. Group all together.

simple line icons

Step 6

Our last pencil icon. Draw a rectangle in addition to also use Pen Tool to add an anchor point at the center of the right side of the rectangle. Use Direct Selection Tool, to pull out the anchor point to the right, creating a basic form of a pencil.

simple line icons

Step 7

Draw three segments showing where eraser exacerbated wood in addition to also graphin whiche pencil tip will. Select all four objects, in addition to also press of in Pathfinder panel.

simple line icons

Step 8

Select each section of the pencil in addition to also change the fill coloring: pink eraser, yellow body, whin whiche, in addition to also blue wood tip. Draw two horizontal segments, for the faces from the forest win whichh a pencil.

simple line icons

Step 9

group win whichh your components pencil in addition to also Turn will be 45 ° . Draw some lines behind the scribbles on the pencil icon to the drawing tool of your choice. I prefer to use Blob Brush Tool win whichhout pressure, will be included for simple, even a line of

simple line icons

. Conclusion: The modest line Icons

Nice work! Create a fleet of desktop, mobile phone in addition to also web icons in thwill be simple in addition to also fun design. Share your own edin whichion from the comments section below
simple line icons

Author: Mary Winkler

Mary operates under the brin addition to also Acrylicana® designing clothes, jewelry, in addition to also illustrating for companies such as Dwill beney,, Jakks Pacific, Envato, in addition to also much more. Check for more art, tutorials in addition to also more.

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