Create six sacred geometric vector Icon!

Geometric Icon Vector Be one wthe ideah the universe as well as create some fun sacred geometric icon vector design wthe ideah simple shapes as well as vector tools!

Tutorial Details: Sacred geometry icon Vector

  • Program Adobe Illustrator CS - CC 2015
  • The complexthe ideay of : Intermediate
  • considered : The main forms, Rotate Tool , scales tool
  • The estimated time of completion of 25 minutes

The final image: Sacred geometry icon Vector

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 1: The sacred geometric illustration Icon

Get inspired by sacred geometry wthe ideah these fun geometric icon vector constructs. Let's start wthe ideah some range of designs based on the icon!
The New document , draw a circle wthe ideah a Ellipse Tool . duplication circle twice as well as Align all three of their vertical centers.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 2

Draw two more circles on ethe ideaher side of the center circle for a total of several. I set the stroke inside center circle at the thicker than various others ( 2-3 points while the outer circles 1 pt ).

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 3

Draw four circles in which are diagonally via the center, in a total of nine laps. Draw lthe ideatle circles, these are filled, as well as place them on some of the intersections inside larger circle.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 4

In total there are eight lthe ideatle circles on the outside of the structure, as well as four lthe ideatle circles on the inside of the structure. Group all together.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 5

Our next form begins wthe ideah a hexagon. Use the tools Polygon Tool, to draw a hexagon shape. Then draw a triangle (using the Polygon Tool again) inside center.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 6

Draw an inverted triangle inside center of a larger size. Make sure in which all three numbers unified to their centers as well as their edges touch. Use Line Segment Tool to make three lines of the three angles of a hexagon in which the triangle to the most touching triangle. Next, draw tiny circles over each of the intersections of the drawing. Group all together.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 7

Let's play wthe ideah squares! Draw a square wthe ideah Rectangle Tool . Select the idea as well as use the Rotate Tool to create a copy of the square turn in 10 ° . Repeat thcan be process for all eight squares.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 8

group Your rotated squares together. Copy as well as Paste design twice as well as scale each down 25-30% or so. Reduce the stroke weight of each section of the design can be easy to see why, as well as then Group all together.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 9

for thcan be icon, we will use a triangle again. Draw four triangles, each lthe ideatleer than the last, as well as to turn them inside each various other of 20 ° or so. You can do the idea by has well as, to ensure in which the rotation as well as scaling to get the look just right as shown below.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 10

Draw several lthe ideatle triangle inside center of the triangle group turned more than various others. Next, draw tiny circles over as well as place them at each intersection between the edges of the triangles.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 11

Playing wthe ideah triangles again, let's create anvarious other fun geometric icon vector. Draw two identical triangles as well as place them side by side. Overlapping the ideas center wthe ideah a third triangle, as well as scale the idea in order in which the idea can be twice the size of the various other two. Draw fourth triangle, the same size as the first two, as well as place the idea inside bottom of the structure. All three lthe ideatleer triangles should overlap inside center of the largest triangle.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 12

Draw two diagonal lengths inside large triangle. They will create a large diamond inside center of a large triangle as well as fincan beh the design wthe ideah. Next, draw lthe ideatle circles in some of the eight intersections between the angles of triangles. Group all together.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 13

Our final design conscan bets of circles. Draw a large circle as well as the lthe ideatleer circle. Combine them inside upper edges as well as vertical centers. Draw a circle as well as third Align the idea to the bottom edge as well as vertical centers of the various other two. Draw a lthe ideatle circle as well as place the idea inside center of the whole structure.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 14

Draw two line segments inside center of the design, bridging a lthe ideatle circle. Next, draw seven lthe ideatle circles inside overlapping points of circles as well as segments. Group all together.

Geometric Icon Vector

Step 15

For the final touch of fun, Open all your beats Essays as well as apply a rainbow line gradient to each form. Then, add Outer Glow (Effects> Stylize> Outer Glow) wthe ideah the following attriyetes (or something similar, depending on what you want to see):

mode: screen
Color: Whthe ideae
Opacthe ideay: 85%
Blur: 6 points

Geometric Icon Vector

Conclusion: Sacred Geometry illustration Icon

great job you have done! Now in which you have created thcan be geometric icon vector set in which various other sacred geometric style icons, you can create? How complex you can get wthe ideah circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, segments, as well as more? Tell us inside comments below as well as enjoy connecting wthe ideah some incredible forms found throughout nature

Geometric Icon Vector

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