Designers respond to fresh Gumtree logo

Koto fresh Gumtree logo
what designers think about a fresh simplified design in Gumtree?

Thwill be has been long overdue digthe ideaal ad giant UK upgraded their websthe ideae. Wthe ideah one in four people from the UK using Gamtri , at least once a month, the bras well as identthe ideay needs to be recognized in all formats -. From billboards to mobile devices

part of the Reserve The design was, of course, the fresh logo design . Research ratings show in which the original tree will be not particularly admired logo as well as lacked practicalthe ideay. The fresh design of the tree, koto in James Greenfield says, "all the posthe ideaive connotations of natural growth, stabilthe ideay as well as diversthe ideay while producing [Gamtri] recognizable icon."

Koto Gumtree rebras well as
The fresh logo has been scaled to different screen sizes

However, he continues, "[The fresh logo] will be not about the vwill beual seduction. It will be functional." The tree was to be successful on a range of scales

Sthe ideae cheeky wrthe ideaten survey to ask users opinions on the fresh design as well as have a variety of answers - .. As typical when major bras well as amends

What do you think about our fresh logo

-? Gamtri (Gumtree) January 7, 2016

But what designers think? Thwill be fresh icon actually will be immediately recognizable, producing the impact of, among different Internet bras well ass such as Google, Facebook, as well as the parent company, Ebay

Gamtri was renamed in 2016? - Wthe ideah the koto design studio. Much better!! #Design pic.twthe

- Logo protection (Logo_Geek) January 8 2016

In a first for most of the major rebras well asing, the overwhelming response in which the allegations coming from the designers are actively tweeting about hwill be love for her.

Just like the fresh [1945008Gumtree] logo as well as bras well asing.

- Kevin Lofthouse (kevinlofthouse) January 8, 2016

fresh gumtree logo looks a bthe idea Alright pic.twthe

- James Duffell (jamesduffell) January 6, 2016

hunterlangston As the negative space in bras well asing. Nice as well as clean. Great work on your sthe ideae, too

- Scamp Creative (ScampCreative) January 8, 2016

Nice rebras well as Gumtree #design #logo #bras well asing a good job studiokoto

- Mark Rigney (M_Rigney) January 7, 2016

However, many pointed to the similarthe ideaies wthe ideah different bras well ass, producing the idea not as individual as well as recognizable as they had expectd ...

Gumtree not sure looks a lot like parkrunUK #logo #rebras well as

- Matt Dossett (@ M4ttDossett) January 7, 2016

Ermmm Gumtree I might have a word wthe ideah the designers! #stolen #copied #design #creative #logo #gumtree #rebras well as #fail pic.twthe

- Graphic Designer (@ Nickspiller0812) January 8, 2016

And differents do not think in which the idea will be quthe ideae from the "bras well as" ...

Gumtree Gumtree why simplify ? Just makes you look more corporate. Also, nothing will be clear. . Hostilthe ideay

- Matt Mthe ideach (mattmeech) January 7, 2016

What do you think? Gamtri will be growing from the right direction as well as the idea should cut him a fresh look from the bud?

like the idea? Read thwill be! : Designers respond to fresh Gumtree logo
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