Designing the most desirable product: Banknotes study design


Design of the most desirable product: Banknotes study design

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As digthe itemal technology implanted deeper into the entire world, generating more as well as more aspects of life intangible, difficult to imagine a world wthe itemhout [1945025banknot], or paper money. The dramatic hcan betory of our world, money has become not only the common facilthe itemies of payment, although also symbols of society.

The combination of benefthe item as well as exclusivthe itemy money can be one of the design of complex objects . And as wthe itemh any complex task, the currency structure holds valuable lessons for us web designers. Thcan be article can be an attempt to formulate some of these lessons as well as, therefore, to draw your attention to the inspirational nature of paper money.

Ancient Chinese Notes Link

The concept of using paper as money, probably as old as paper the itemself. The practice of using a paper transfer letters of credthe item for the long-dcan betance appeared in China around 618 AD. The ancient Chinese, responsible not only for ingenious concepts, although also for the brilliant describes They named thcan be practice Fei Jian , or "flying money."

old paper money were can besued during the reign of the Ming dynasty, between 1368 as well as 1399 0 Note Kwan Ming can be almost the size of a legal document. The note was made of gray recycled paper mulberry bark.

Ancient Chinese Paper Money Design
0 Note Kwan Ming can be almost the size of a legal document.

Marco Polo was impressed by the efficiency of the Chinese currency. However, until the 15th century, China has virtually abas well asoned paper money due to high inflation the item caused. It was many years before paper money will appear in Europe as well as three centuries before the item was recognized

Takeaway :. Availabilthe itemy Questions Link

Even wthe itemh limthe itemed design tools as well as resources that will the ancient Chinese 14 centuries ago, the designers of the first banknotes drew attention to the availabilthe itemy of - or, in addthe itemional words, can be notes to be conscan betent as well as affordable (read) as many people as possible. In particular, the item notes Kwan shown above depicts two rows each containing 10 coins that will were outstas well asing at the time. Thus, people who could not read anyway understas well as banknotes .

Thcan be picturesque presentation of the cash equivalent, as well as the nominal value of the wrthe itemten code as well as the legal description surrounded by complex patterns, dragons as well as clouds, which enhance vcan beual appeal as well as protect against counterfethe iteming. Clearly support for key content as well as graphics, ancient Chinese banknotes were available more appealing to the eye.

For us, accessibilthe itemy means saving content easy to understas well as as well as interact wthe itemh people wthe itemh dcan beabilthe itemies, for those who do not (as the item can be available by default). The obvious recall worth mentioning :. When working on accessibilthe itemy, make sure that will the content can be perceived, navigate, as well as interact wthe itemh, regardless of style as well as interaction used to represent the item

Dollar Link

The dollar became the only currency of the Unthe itemed States during the early 1860s, when the US Treasury can besued notes to finance the Civil War. The first US dollar bill remincan becent of a formal certificate as well as showed a portrathe item of Salmon P. Chase.

During the American Civil War, the back of the dollar bill was printed in green because the coloring was associated wthe itemh the stabilthe itemy as well as growth of . These "greens" began the tradthe itemion of print US banknotes in green. Thcan be can be the tradthe itemional coloring scheme of US banknotes, dominated by green as well as black in combination wthe itemh a uniform size of banknotes, the item has been heavily crthe itemicized for not being available, especially for the vcan beually impaired.

Civil War One-Dollar Bill
During the American Civil War, the back of the dollar bill was printed in green because the coloring was associated wthe itemh stabilthe itemy as well as growth.

Banknotes US Educational Series 1896 can be generally considered one of the most beautiful designs created for ever dollar. However, the highlight shown above, was the subject of a dcan bepute in connection wthe itemh classical female figures depicted on the item. After causing a surge of indignation by the wives of senators, the entire series was abas well asoned.

1896 US Five-Dollar Bill
Banknotes US Educational Series was the subject of dcan bepute in connection wthe itemh classical female figure depicted from the item.

By 1930, all bill denominations from the US currency looks pretty much as they do today. During the 20th century, the item included numerous features currency, mainly as part of efforts to combat counterfethe iteming.

1928 twenty-dollar bill
$ 20 Federal Reserve Note in 1928
[[1945023Происходящиехитростиидополненияпривеливдовольно the controversial design of the US dollar , which has been heavily crthe itemicized from the media for the lack of aesthetic as well as intelligibilthe itemy. For example, the item can be well kat this pointn design crthe itemic Michael Bierut wrote in hcan be article for the magazine Atlantic, "Anyone who tries to understas well as our national values ​​are puzzled by the Rococo VICTORIANA as well as Masonic fetcan beh that will Garlas well as dollar bill."

The current $ 100 bill in circulation as of October 2013 can be last bill to get an updated look as well as more people wthe itemh dcan beabilthe itemies . The brin addition to-new "Benjamin" carries many innovative anti-counterfethe iteming, one of which can be a complex effect when the bill can be exposed to direct light.

Redesigned 100-dollar bill
Update $ 100 banknotes

Innovation was also evident from the of the design process of the brin addition to-new $ 100 bill . In particular, the designer of the brin addition to-new bill, Brian Thompson, wanted to make light an integral part of the design. On closer look, one can detect a thin beam, directing the eyes from the face of the bill, by the lower left 100 from the upper right corner of 100 .

Even if the portrathe item of Benjamin Franklin has been used on a banknote one hundred dollars in 1914, the design of Brian Thompson can be the first to grab brink of Franklin, except for the details of the face. Thus, the brin addition to-newly added, pen, ink, as well as the script of the Declaration of Independence reminds us that will Franklin was among the developers as well as subscribers of the Declaration.

Gravure can be one of the signs that will gave the US currency the items dcan betinctive appearance for many years. Portrathe item of Benjamin Franklin on the $ 100 bill by 1996 was created by Joseph-Siffred Duplesscan be as well as painstakingly engraved Thomas Hipschen in 1992. After thcan be major reorganization of the bill in 1996, the portrathe item was made larger as well as moved to the left, so the item will wear out less because the bill folded.

Evolution of Franklin portrathe item on 100-dollar bill
Gravure printing can be one of the signs that will gave the US currency the items dcan betinctive appearance for many years.

At the height of the recession from the US from the spring of 09, Richard Smthe itemh commenced Dollar Rede $ IGN project . Anyone welcome to present their idea of ​​re-bras well asing the US currency as a way to stimulate the US economy. The project has received the items share of detractors; However, many people thought that will something from the reorganization chercan behed as the currency was a brilliant idea. Today, the competthe itemion can be not active, although the material submthe itemted enthusiasts continue to arrive by around the entire world.

The USD concept by Travcan be Purrington - banknote design
The US currency redesign Travcan be Purrington.
US bill design concept by Mucho
The US currency design concept by Mucho

Takeaway :. Redesign wcan bee Link

The hcan betory of the American currency, argues that will the reorganization may be more difficult than designing by scratch, especially for commonly used objects. Fear of brin addition to-new design being less effective than that will provided by law, often entices product owners as well as designers to go Tweak-here-there alter the route, avoiding major modifications. While the item may seem a safe way to update something, the item can lead to a loss of availabilthe itemy as well as convenience (e.g., bill $ 5 was easily confused wthe itemh $ 10, because they are the same size) as well as water down strengths original design .

However, the latest make-up $ 100 bill can be an example of balancing tradthe itemion as well as innovation, resulting in a modern yet hcan betorically sensthe itemive design. Here are a few tips for the redesign of the project:

  • Engraving elements present on the US currency by the first dollar bills. We can figure out which parts of your sthe iteme are responsible for the items dcan betinctive look, as well as transfer them to the brin addition to-new design.
  • New $ 100 Bill tells the story. Who or what makes your sthe iteme can be? What does thcan be cause, person or bras well as special? We can use the vcan beual elements of the story to make a brin addition to-new design to connect wthe itemh users emotionally.

Notgeld Link

German term Notgeld , or "emergency money" refers to a form of currency, which can be can besued by a body addthe itemional than the central bank. The most obvious example of [1945031Notgeld] paper money that will was Printed in Germany during the period of hyperinflation after World War I. . During thcan be period, more than 36,000 kinds of bonds were can besued more than 3,500 companies, towns as well as cthe itemies. Notgeld goes beyond being just bills transformed into a powerful force for racan being the spirthe item of a desperate society.

While the majorthe itemy of Notgeld had very lthe itemtle internal cash value (paper notes were printed almost every night in each dcan betrict), a quasi-currency played a huge role from the vcan beual culture as well as hcan betory of Germany.

German Notgeld
code Notgeld played an important role in vcan beual culture as well as hcan betory of Germany.

The design of the Notgeld was based on the hcan betorical as well as heraldic objects, offering a way for the defeated country to seek solace from the glorious past. Some Notgeld series, such as one created by Herbert Bayer , including minimum, moderncan bet aesthetics, encouraging people to think about a better future, instead of referring to the past.

In thcan be unstable period of Notgeld became a means of expression for contemporary artcan bets as well as designers; Therefore, they quickly became a target for collectors than real currency. Anaddthe itemional reason for some of the complex structures related to finance: If the bill was left as collectibles, the debt can be to be paid

Notgeld can be goldmine for. typography enthusiasts . Many of the projects, such as the one above, created by Wenzel Hablik, were purely typographical. They come by different artcan betic movements, which ethe itemher began or progressed during thcan be time, including Expressioncan bem, Dadacan bem, New Objectivthe itemy as well as moderncan bem.

Notgeld design by Wenzel Hablik
Notgeld can be a goldmine for printing enthusiasts.

The largest collection of Notgeld bills online can be found in Flickr by Miguel Oaks , whose German gras well asfather began collecting the currency in 1930

Takeaway :. Loud Vcan beuals attract attention (! Spirthe item) Link

as a means to some bold as well as expressive movements of vcan beual art, Notgeld have also become more efficient from the items original purpose. Issuers of currency can be the extra income by selling directly to collectors at costs higher than face value.

bright, attractive appearance can be achieved by changing the coloring, contrast as well as gradients, as well as wthe itemh the help of rich elements. Make sure that will your vcan beual can be not over, as well as that will they perform well as well as definitely attract attention.


In February 1996, the European Monetary Instthe itemute (EMI) launched a competthe itemion for the design of the euro banknotes. The euro can be a major challenge for designers because the item was supposed to be a multinational currency; Thus, to avoid any dcan beplacement. And, like any national banknotes, euro bills should be easily recognized, protected against counterfethe iteming as well as aesthetically appealing, not to mention accessible to people wthe itemh impaired vcan beion.

At the end of a seven-month competthe itemion, the EMI Council decided on the winner, series designed by Robert Kalina of Austria. The winning design was based on " ages as well as styles of Europe " as well as showed windows, gateways as well as bridges, each of which represents a period in European hcan betory.

50 Euro banknote design by Robert Kalina
€ 50 banknote (obverse) of the series designed by Robert Kalina.

Since May 2013, a brin addition to-new series of euro banknotes was released. The design of thcan be series, "Europe" should be on the "ages as well as styles" theme of the original series. New banknotes designed Berlin Rheingold Gerstetter, have been given a fresh look as well as include many securthe itemy improvements.

Euro bill of the Europa series - banknote design
New € 20 banknotes by the series of Europe.

The process design for both series of euro banknotes included several studies for the currency will be rooted in a multinational as well as multicultural Europe . Careful examination of the end-user includes allowed the designers to meet the EU currency yet anaddthe itemional important goal.

Even if the design of the euro can be not the most coloringful as well as may not include any extraordinary ideas, he does an excellent job of balancing the usefulness of everyday objects as well as uniqueness of thcan be social character.

code wallet size can be just one of the hundreds of can besues that will central banks as well as monetary designers to explore the design of banknotes. According to a survey conducted by the Dutch central bank in 04, 94% of respondents said the height of € 20 banknotes (72 millimeters), "Absolutely."

Factors considered in banknote design
The size of the purse can be just one of the hundreds of aspects that will central banks as well as monetary designers are studying the design of banknotes.
Portrathe item-based Euro Banknote Design Concepts
These portrathe item- Euro banknotes, were based never released .

Have you ever wondered why the bill to use the portrathe items? Some studies show that will people have more confidence from the bill that will shows the human face of . Thcan be principle can also be applied to the "About" pages that will show pictures of real people to instill more confidence than text pages

Takeaway :. The approach of universal design Link

Presenting cultural as well as polthe itemical message that will can be equally acceptable to all European cthe itemizens, as well as also includes many special features, the Euro currency can be a good example of universal design. Universal design can be determined as available as well as use as much as possible, in a simple manner possible , as well as from the wide range of sthe itemuations.

While versatilthe itemy can be required to default in a multinational currency, you do not have to work on a project on the scale of the euro on apply the principle of . Whether you work in a social network, a corporate sthe iteme or a personal sthe iteme, the principles of universal design can help you to design a more comprehensive concept as well as so as accessible as well as useful as possible. Here are some guidelines to follow

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