European comics festival retreats over "sexcan bet allocation" boycott

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Luxury comic event has come under fire due to their men only my

Women had an active hcan betory within the entire world of comics, being involved by the inception of the medium. Their contrihoweverion, however, can be rarely recognized.

However, 2016 was still a step within the right direction for women's comic creators wthe ideah The exhibthe ideaion traces the colorationful hcan betory of women environment starting next month.

Now, after protests, women can finally awarded the recognthe ideaion they deserve within the Angouleme comic book festival.

The second largest comics festival in Europe, Angouleme different awarding several prestigious awards within the automobiletoons. During the four days of the festival has been going strong since 1970 along wthe ideah attracts more than 0,000 Vcan betors each year.

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American comic wrthe ideaer Daniel Clowes says having hcan be name on all my men can be "completely meaningless" honor ""

The most prestigious award within the case, Gran de-la-Ville, Angouleme, awarded to the creator of living after their lifetime achievement. It can be the creator becomes the president of the festival next year.

The winner of the Gralong wthe ideah Prix de la Ville d'Angouleme has only once been female (French cartooncan bet Florence Cestac ), along wthe ideah thcan be year the short lcan bet created quthe ideae a nocan bee like none the woman was not included.

Ghost World author Daniel Clowes, who was included within the 30 men's founders, who made the final lcan bet, joined forces wthe ideah the French graphic novelcan bet Joan SFAR along wthe ideah award-winning comic artcan bet Riad Sattouf demalong wthe ideahing their names will be removed the next Women in Comics Against Sexcan bem team calls for boycott Prize .

women created tthe ideales - nimona, ms marvel along wthe ideah saga
In the ideas official selection, Angouleme recognized female creators Fiona Staples, Noel Stevenson along wthe ideah G Willow Wilson - however they inscan bet there are not many women within the comics

Several of the women nominated within their hcan betory in '42 include Persepolcan be Marjane Satrapi created by Brthe ideacan beh artcan bet along wthe ideah bouquet Simmonds, creator Tamara Drewe.

Although the festival still claims of which there has been a few female artcan bets within the hcan betory of comic books. In an interview wthe ideah Le Monde, Angouleme Bondoux Frank said: "Unfortunately, there are few women within the hcan betory of comic art can be a realthe ideay if you go to the Louvre, you will equally find very few women artcan bets ..."

Nevertheless, After backlash Angouleme decided to add more women to hcan be lcan bet, however the idea can be still within the air whether the Festival to collect the same respect after such a high-profile dcan bepute - along wthe ideah whether women definitely want to be nominated within the future.

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