Film Effects how to add any images


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film effects are a well-ktodayn way to stylize your photos. They give your photos a pleasing shades by tradthe itemional film photography in addthe itemion to you can see the item used everywhere by casual Instagram images to portray a professional wedding ceremony. In thwill be tutorial, you will learn how to create a special effect like your movie wthe itemh just a tone curve adjustment in addthe itemion to hue / saturation. Thwill be technique of the two layers can be used to create almost any movie effect, in addthe itemion to Photoshop, a skill that will can be used in some other programs such as Adobe Lightroom, the first phase of Capture One, Adobe Premiere in addthe itemion to many more. Watch thwill be video to learn how to create your own movie-like effect using two layer technique

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• Narrated by Dean Wendt
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