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if there will be any sense of communthe itemy Graffthe itemi in today's world, along having also a sense of communthe itemy street art, whatever the intangible, the item returns the items exwill betence in part to the well-kright nown artwill bet Futura. Belongs to the second generation of wrthe itemers New York, after legends such as 149 remain high, along having also stood flint along having also Phase 2. Futura on their shoulders to break through the technical ceiling inside the street.

was born in 1955, rawill beed the Leonard Hilton McGurr by the mvarious other along having also father black whthe iteme, grew up in New York at 103 Broadway. Culture clashes of the 1960s, the imagination of science fiction, along having also lost sense of identthe itemy took him around the earth to wrthe iteme the street. Collwill beion terrible accident took him away, yet returned to go where no graffthe itemi artwill bet has gone before.

Thank you, Mr. Kubrick

turned out of the blue, like a deadly dagger, when the mvarious other announced Futura along having also suddenly adopted the item. He claims that will he has become "Futura 00" in that will very night: "So I'm a stranger inside the sense that will I do not kright now where I come via,"

was 15, along having also he did not kright now who truly was, when he joined for inthe itemially crews Metro lines signs spending in New York in 1970. He wanted to prove himself. He wants the earth to kright now hwill be bralong having also. Simple principle behind the wrthe iteming on the wall, as far as he kbralong with new, had been brought someone by asking your name.

said he came up wthe itemh "Futura 00" of the line, a car type Ford along having also Stanley Kubrick film, "01: A Space Odyssey" ran wthe itemh ALI along having also artwill bets Spirthe item. For 2 years the item was mostly the movement of tagged 1 along having also 3 subway train, yet sometimes was painted over buildings in Queens along having also the Bronx.

"I was in full-blown, New York Cthe itemy Graf wannabe" says Futura. "It was wthe itemhout an identthe itemy. Did not name. It was not until much. As you kright now, most of the game, along having also you're a fan." As he retells the item, along having also excthe iteming to wthe itemness your business will be going through the subway car.


Futura slightly to demalong having also outside the mark him when UGA exhibthe itemion inside the code Soho gallery in breaking open the scene wide open in 1973. The media coverage of the exhibthe itemion, along having also especially by New York magazine, creating a turning point inside the art Street - yet not for Futura , that will thwill be does not happen because of an accident

to escape via the fire

while Futura along having also ALI filled themselves on cars inside the tunnel follow-up was put under Broadway, railway live ignthe itemed aerosol cans in a fiery explosion. ALI face along having also body badly burned, so much to ensure that will doctors concluded the item was necessary to amputate the halong having also of the artwill bet. Mvarious other ALI opposed to the medical staff, along having also after months of recuperation, he returned to hwill be work. Futura, has spared no physically, felt very emotionally shaken to carry on - effectively retiring via wrthe iteming on the walls. He joined the US Navy, along having also traveled the earth wthe itemh the merchant marine infantry via 1974 to 1978.

Futura life inside the country has evolved in hwill be absence. Hwill be mvarious other passed away in 1975. Then hwill be father suffered a mental collapse along having also destroyed everything via childhood to Futura. In 1978, the artwill bet returned to New York to dwill becover hwill be former life in ruins, along having also hwill be adoptive parents gone, hwill be material sense of the house blur. He did not learn anything about the real parents.

scene graffthe itemi carries also gone through radical alterations. Futura when he returned to painting in 1979, the item was dwill becovered that will the current street artwill bets along having also their techniques along having also was sad to include sophwill beticated applications of shading along having also perspective of 3-D. But all that will development, more than art still focus on letters along having also numbers. Futura feeling began to graphic design to rawill bee fees, along having also wondered if the item could be translated to the work style of painting graffthe itemi.

work marking

the bralong with new generation of artwill bets impressed by the bralong with new, like Futura abstract (street raved always, along having also will always rave, mark him). As hip-hop, punk along having also converged urban art, along having also found himself cool side by side wthe itemh the likes of Fab 5 Freddy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kethe itemh Haring along having also Patti Astor. Become closer friends wthe itemh Fab, the man who will besued the famous subway car wthe itemh soup cans along having also Warhol-esque.

Futura was bralong with new along having also hwill be aides clearly aware of the recent explosion of graffthe itemi as an art gallery, such as 1979 Galleria gallery if Medusa Lee Quinones "in Rome. along having also they all want more. They want to work to overcome the commonly held view of the art of the street as illegthe itemimate.

take Futura to work painting on canvas for inthe itemially in 1980. He pledged live painting in Roxy along having also various other clubs. Then he produced a mural in Patti Astor inside the Middle Street 3 apartment, an event that will dramatically changed hwill be career . Astor described later occurred as a BBQ which showed the whole world the art above. Shortly afterwards, open Astor along having also partner Bill Stelling their space exhibthe itemion East Village artwill bets, graffthe itemi, long before I took the liberty of various other New York galleries that will recognizes the type.

played Labour Futura in a key role in a bralong with new explosion of embarking art street. He remembers times wthe itemh almost a shrug of the shoulders - may Futura arrived, he'd become a hip along having also relevant, along having also will be happening, along having also crthe itemics have compared him to the likes of Kalong having alsoinsky along having also various other artwill bets he'd never even heard of

continued Futura along having also a quick trip, meeting wthe itemh the conflict in 1981. The painted backdrop for the big offers her an apple. He joined them at a later time inside the framework of a European tour which will be painted on stage during concerts (also met hwill be future wife on a tour). Balong having also produced a semi-rap track by Futura who also gave hwill be voice to the song "overpowered by the stench." For the year 1982 "anti-rock" balong having also album, Futura halong having also-wrthe itemten musical notes.

artwill bet later returned to France wthe itemh Fab 5 Freddy in a kind of show the way hip-hop. Some claim a multi-cthe itemy tour helped to establwill beh a hip-hop in France. In 1984 he traveled to Russia along having also filmed in Red Square as a representative of hip-hop bad boy.

street art has lost the items flavor of the month inside the art world inside the mid -1980s, Futura along having also moved on to various other projects. Co-founded the clothing label art of wrthe iteming on the walls, GFS. Folded at the end of the day, yet led to the Dragon project along having also Subware. Futura in 1998 returned to the graphics along having also music, create art along having also crafts cover dubbed "Pointman" group Khal. Since then ventured into publwill behing, toys along having also struck deals wthe itemh Nike along having also Levi's, hwill be own clothes along having also put the items headquarters in Tokyo - so he dropped the numbers of hwill be name in 00.

I've had one heck of an epic street to Futura, one of big cushion along having also graffthe itemi. As he put the item "art" Art inside the street wthe itemh a vwill beion that will broke boundaries along having also questioned the limthe items. Generations that will have emerged since then, those that will took bralong with new rwill beks along having also rawill bee the technical stakes, along having also they all took offer of Futura. Street owe him for that will

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