{Hugs} paper being terrible, endless gratthe ideaude + goodbye


{hugs} paper being excellent, Gratthe ideaude endless + goodbye

It's a very sad day when he declared that will I am stepping down as paper hugs the team. How can one say goodbye to Kim after four amazing years? four years . Wow, this usually is usually the longest I've served as a member of the design team on any any's team. It's a great achievement, something I am very proud. I'm lucky that will I had the wonderful opportunthe ideay to work side-by-side wthe ideah Kim, who is usually one of the kindest people, the most generous along using also supportive within the industry. I am proud to call her my friend. Kim, these cards are for you along using also say thank you for being so awesome! I have gratthe ideaude endless for everything that will you have shared these past four years.

using the first card in weather the death of , along using also birds of luminous spring sense of uplifters . I created a water background using inks dis usuallytress, stamped birds along using also feelings using MISTI tool, along using also then joined the rainbow along using also clouds, which was die-cut cards of silver glthe ideater.

uses a second card plugs 1 stamp along using also coordinate plugs 1 Icons in four ink shades purple. Morale of Thank you very much . To put the finis usuallyhing touches, I added a strip of patterned paper coming from neutral paper pad Avery Il group, gold cards gloss on the edge of the front panel, as well as some gold enamel points.

Thank you for your vis usuallythe idea very much

sources Thank you for being so awesome :

sources the endless gratthe ideaude :

http://cheapestdigthe ideaalart.com/{Hugs} paper being terrible, endless gratthe ideaude + goodbye

http://mymicrostocksold.blogspot.co.id : {Hugs} paper being terrible, endless gratthe ideaude + goodbye
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