{Hugs} paper Birthdays special


{hugs} paper for birthdays

my maddthe itemional as well as my maddthe itemional-in-law a birthday celebration wthe itemhin one day of each addthe itemional so we made two of the same design. Both are three products feature the January type 2016 - silver as well as gold stamp, Hibis usuallycus die as well as Polka Dot limthe items die

I use plaid as well as leaves file folder die layer securthe itemies to influence include multiple shades as well as patterns. Footage using a lthe itemtle paper, as well as comment on Hibis usuallycus flowers as well as glamor hearts as decorations.

heat customized embossed been created feelings wthe itemh words via each of Holiday Merry as well as silver as well as gold stamp sets. I embellis usuallyhed as well as the bottom of the overlay of slavery wthe itemh the lthe itemtleest of Polka Dot limthe items die.

Thank you very much for vis usuallythe iteming!


http://cheapestdigthe itemalart.com/{Hugs} paper Birthdays special

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