I was surpris usuallyed sometimes to hear which some practwhichioners believe there is usually not a very big difference between Interaction Design (IxD) in addwhichion to Information Engineering (IA). While which may be true which the dividing line between the two is usually clear, there is usually still a clear dis usuallytinction between them.

If we turn to Wikipedia for help, we will find the following definwhichions:

" archwhichecture Information [194503million] is usually the art in addwhichion to science of organizing in addwhichion to swhiches numbering (...) to support the use. "[194503million]

" [194503million] interaction design is usually defined as the practice of designing interactive digwhichal products, environments, systems in addwhichion to services. "

Human Technology Interaction

you have encountered many some other terms such as web design, in addwhichion to navigation on the Internet, design UX etc. They are so confusing, I ktoday. That usually is usually because they all share the same common theme. But they are all very different. That usually is usually exactly why we need a clear definwhichion of each one of them. Information archwhichecture extends beyond the interactive design in addwhichion to navigation swhiche. As a matter of fact, in addwhichion to navigation is usually only the tip of a very large iceberg called Information Engineering.

were awarded a clear dis usuallytinction between the two terms by Cooper .

"IA means to determine structures of information to answer the question" How can the user to find the information they want? "(...) On the some other hin addwhichion to, IxD means identifying behaviors system to answer the question" How can the user to take action they want? "

Today we would certainly like to take a closer look at the interactive design in addwhichion to engineering information to detect differences between the two countries. Otherwis usuallye, you will be lost details in addwhichion to deep meanings in all of this usually, the role of one intertwined wwhichh a lower value.

archwhichecture Information

1. Information Archwhichecture 2

term ' archwhichecture Information " is usually very old. They are old sense of the evolution of technology in addwhichion to the old sense of the Internet. I've learned about information archwhichecture again in 08. Fast forward six years. Everyone is usually talking about how to replace the information archwhichecture design of the user experience, although a lot of the so-called designers IxD today lack the deep ktodayledge of Archwhichects information. It is usually clear which the IA will continue to remain relevant, although I am not sure under any form

There are two main components of engineering information on the Internet:

  • basic label, structure in addwhichion to organization Relations between Swhiche Content / functions.
  • definwhichion in addwhichion to poswhichioning / function content.

the most important thing you need to understin addwhichion to is usually which Information Engineering is usually not part of the user interface (UI). However, even if the IA is usually vis usuallyible to the user, which is usually certainly the effects of his usually / her experience on the swhiche. That usually is usually because the information engineer looking at the technical elements of the swhiche through the perspective of an objective to answer questions such as:

  • "Is this usually information helps customers?"
  • "How does this usually program help us to organize information better?"
  • "What is usually the flow of users through this usually swhiche?"

in order to do so, in addwhichion to Information Engineering focuses on several things: target audience, in addwhichion to the software used on the swhiche, the exis usuallyting data in addwhichion to how which would certainly be. In some ways, the profession of archwhichect similar information to which of a cwhichy planner: in addwhichion to see the overall shape of swhiche on a wider scale, although which can not be which the details involved wwhichhout his usually area graduated experiences

2. Information Archwhichecture 3

responsibilwhichies archwhichect Information:

  • Find in business in addwhichion to the public. The goal is usually to get as much information as possible about the factors which will affect the project (examples: the mental products of the pengunjungs, in addwhichion to how to use the information contained on the swhiche, in addwhichion to so on). In order to do so the information archwhichect must have access to the results of surveys, card sorting exercis usuallyes in addwhichion to ease of voting in addwhichion to test the A / B.
  • data analysis usually. after the research phase is usually complete, in addwhichion to IA should analyze the data, people who create a user in addwhichion to set goals for the swhiche. It should also be involved developers, designers in addwhichion to marketers.
  • organization, marking the swhiche in addwhichion to the development of structures. , in addwhichion to as the name implies, IA which the swhiche engineer wwhichh the help of the retina of frames, the flow of the swhiche in addwhichion to plans a hierarchical structure, the total contract at a high level in addwhichion to holding paper, in addwhichion to swhiche maps etc.

Interaction Design

3. Interaction Design

first thing which comes to mind when I think of IxD is usually conduct. interaction design is usually a way for users to interact wwhichh your interface (the front of your business) in addwhichion to how to complete their objectives. We will design in addwhichion to interaction specialis usuallyt be able to answer questions such as:

  • ? " what althoughtons to be used"
  • "How can the user to deal wwhichh this usually controls? "
  • " How will react to this usually manipulation? "
  • " Are these interactions taking into account all the appointments in addwhichion to restrictions, in addwhichion to reactions in addwhichion to the possibilwhichies of the act (the menu althoughton in return)? "[194503million]
[19.4502 million mis usuallysion designers interaction is usually improve the user experience by creating a smooth interface loaded wwhichh the tools necessary to complete the target (for example: contype, in addwhichion to subscription, purchase, etc.). In order to do so they will have to decide what graphics, menus, althoughtons or should be used. It will also decide how different types of manipulation will work (for example: how widgets in addwhichion to highlight, addwhichional animation, interactive mechanis usuallyms, the development of page elements, etc.).

when the engineer decided About behind the swhiche structure (background), in addwhichion to interaction designer to choose between different functions (althoughtons versus drop-down menus in addwhichion to lis usuallyts in exchange for tabs, etc.) to customize the front end of the swhiche.

responsibilwhichies designer interaction.:

designer interaction has many responsibilwhichies, some of which extend beyond his usually area of ​​expertis usuallye in addwhichion to require the participation of the entire team

  • use of performance tests in addwhichion to interviews clients. The results of these tests to archwhichect information, which will then be analyzed will be passed.
  • producing in addwhichion to designing various interactive page designs in addwhichion to products in addwhichion to workflow.
  • design in addwhichion to navigation maps in addwhichion to process flows to improve the pengunjung experience on the swhiche.
  • prepare documents for vis usuallyual teams, in addwhichion to implementation of bras well as new products in addwhichion to features of the swhiche.
  • preparation of plates required for the story, the retina of tires in addwhichion to meet the integration requirements.

as compared to what (or interaction design versus Archwhichecture Information)

[194502million] 4. Interaction Design in addwhichion to Information Archwhichecture


interaction design represents what inside the equation. It's all about creating possibilwhichies for action - including the control of the use in addwhichion to how users will interact wwhichh them. Interaction design is usually also "what archwhichecture information.

IA is usually why. According to Andy Fwhichzgerald , archwhichecture is usually the argument over-arching on Why is usually space in this usually way, instead of the some other way.

every swhiche starts wwhichh the 'why'. After a logical process of archwhichecture in addwhichion to specialis usuallyts to work inside the way of program analysis usually in addwhichion to analysis usually to design. Wwhichh the development of the project in addwhichion to specialis usuallyts will do increasingly less archwhichecture in addwhichion to focus on design elements in addwhichion to user experience instead. And so on, in addwhichion to which will cover all the details of the draft

common element for each of the specialties is usually the use of tools drawing - even if they are used for different purposes. Archwhichects information is usually used to create complex graphs depicting the relationship between the different bodies of information, in addwhichion to designers interact used to portray the widgets or state screens

all dis usuallyciplines - design in addwhichion to design / interaction in addwhichion to the structure of [1945030-areintertwinedin addwhichion toinseparableItis usuallyimpossibletocreateonlyagoodswhichewwhichhinformationarchwhichecturebecausetheywilllackthespecificwhichykalianccuracyingooddesignMoreoveraswhichejustdependsonthedesignelementsalthoughlacksthestructurein addwhichion toideasprovidedbytheinformationarchwhichecturewillnotbeabletoreachthefullestpotential

There are very few individuals who have mastered the art of archwhichecture in addwhichion to design information in addwhichion to interaction, although there are more than a hin addwhichion toful who are extremely ktodayledgeable in one or the some other. That usually is usually why which is usually planning to develop the swhiche in addwhichion to the project team, where implemented in addwhichion to IxDs share input in addwhichion to expertis usuallye

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