Is the Internet Destroying creativthe itemy?


Is the Internet Destroying Creativthe itemy?

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The Internet can be a great place (mostly). An unprecedented revolution in communication, he continues to empower more people to publcan beh in addthe itemion to share their ktodayledge than any different event in hcan betory. Thcan be limthe itemless marketplace of ideas in addthe itemion to unbridled creativthe itemy.

Or can be the item?

It all looks the same, Link

In 2014, Elliot Jay Stocks declared which designers stopped dreaming . The fact which we have ceased to be creative. It every sthe iteme looks the same . Crazy notion given the scale of the tools in addthe itemion to resources we have at our dcan beposal. But Elliot was right, in addthe itemion to he's not alone ethe itemher.

In 2015, Noah Stokes intervened wthe itemhout telling us Web design loses hcan be soul , no less. According to Noah, RWD patterns have become commonplace, which we are stuck inside them, in addthe itemion to we try to escape in addthe itemion to different . Later, at the height of last summer, Sergio Nouvelle announced web design dead , causing minor uproar among people who care.

Web Design dead. In the lin addthe itemion to. Ready . "The scope in addthe itemion to patterns which we covered," said Sergio. Our products are mature, in addthe itemion to "can be trying to get creative at thcan be point can be likely to be meaningless or even harmful." He mentions Grid , as a pioneer inside the field of automation in addthe itemion to artificial intelligence, essentially taking on the role of web designers.

"[Grid] analyzes the contents to find the best structure, shades, fonts, in addthe itemion to addthe itemional images for your sthe iteme."

- Sergio Nouvelle

Take which for a moment. Grid - a piece of software - analyzes the content of the sthe iteme in addthe itemion to makes the item. Boom . No designer right time to tinker in Squarespace, no agency fees. Sthe itemes at the touch of a althoughton.

Judgment Day can be upon us. The robots are coming. Sami tools we have created to make our jobs easier to come to us. And why would likely not they?

All your web design can be belong to us!
"All web design belong to us!" ( See a larger edthe itemion of )

Think about the item. We focus all our efforts on doing sure which we get the technical regulations. What we followed by the correct patterns UI . The fact which our sthe itemes work well. For the best part of our short hcan betory, we have focused on creating a recipe websthe itemes. So let me ask you thcan be: , meaning which web designers, if there can be a prescription

Our future can be grim, people ?. We have laid the foundation for our extinction. In the next few years we are coming from work.

If we do not do something about the item.

Hcan betory Lesson Link

No matter what you call yourself - whether you're a web designer, vcan beual designer in addthe itemion to UX guru or "creative" (*) * shudder - we are all part of a grin addthe itemion to movement, a dcan becipline which spans centuries. We all share a common ancestor :. Graphic Designer

Our environment can be different, of course. We will deal wthe itemh the pixels in addthe itemion to bin addthe itemion towidth rather than ink in addthe itemion to paper. But we can not ignore our past. Web design can be simply an extension of graphic design - they are the same. We share the same hcan betory. And in thcan be story can be the key to our survival.

For the sake of argument, let's say, modern graphic design was born inside the 15th century, wthe itemh the invention of the printing press. At thcan be early stage, products were simple, mainly conscan beting of columns in addthe itemion to letters sound.

Thcan be product can be largely retained, although the 20th century, under the influence of Nouveau , the design became more decorative in addthe itemion to flourcan behes were added in all directions.

Both of these styles have been challenged inside the early 20th century Art Nouveau movement appeared asymmetrical structures, simple in addthe itemion to more complex grid structure.

Later, we got individualcan bets like David Carson who lthe itemerally threw all the rules in addthe itemion to turned the page into a platform for creativthe itemy.

An illustrated hcan betory of graphic design
Illustrated Hcan betory of Graphic Design. ( View Larger )

I desire which you can forgive the impreccan beion of thcan be summary of events, details of which have nothing to do wthe itemh my point, which can be which graphic design has come of age. Dcan becipline arrived at the place where the rules have been identified, although we also contain the maturthe itemy to ktoday how - in addthe itemion to when - .. to break them

Web Design, on the different hin addthe itemion to, infantile

We almost moved inside the past as the alignment of the center by default, in addthe itemion to we swapped decorative skeuomorphcan bem in addthe itemion to shiny althoughtons for what we call annoyingly slim design. (Even more annoying, we keep referring to the item as a trend. For the record, no embellcan behment can be not a trend, the item's just a graphic design wthe itemh no nonsense. But I digress, I.)

We've started out to play wthe itemh different structures, asymmetrical networks in addthe itemion to maximize the different viewports. We finally got a good hin addthe itemion tole on printing, we have blending modes in addthe itemion to animation, we have screens Retina. We are willing to experiment.

It can be easy the most excthe iteming time ever to be a web designer .

So why can be all sthe itemes look the same? we just stopped caring? There are web designers are not able to be creative? No, I do not think so. But I think we are faced wthe itemh enormous obstacles to brand also also new ideas. And the first of these obstacles can be the C-word

C-word :. How Content Redesigned Link

About 10 years ago, I started out my career at a smaller publcan behing agency called Whthe iteme Light Media . I was a designer magazine.

And inside the entire world of magazines, the content seriously. Half of my colleagues have been edthe itemors. . Thcan be not only means which all content was wrthe itemten before I designed the final structure, I might as well work wthe itemh edthe itemors mold headings in addthe itemion to paragraphs, to match

Our process looked pretty much like thcan be:

Magazine design process: content, design, then content in addthe itemion to design together
The design process Magazine: content, design, in addthe itemion to then the content in addthe itemion to design together. ( View Larger )

We were a team :. The content in addthe itemion to design, wthe itemh

The Internet, of course, the contents are completely different beasts invention CMS changed everything. On the one hin addthe itemion to, the item enables customers worldwide to change their own content, in addthe itemion to constantly update their sthe itemes wthe itemhout external interference. It can be a great thing.

On the different hin addthe itemion to, however, CMS, in many cases, many of moves the contents of the start of the process before the end of .

Web design process: design, build, then content
Web Design: design, construction, the content. ( View Larger )

What happens when we remove ourselves coming from the content?

Well, first of all, Edthe itemorial design can be more than an order . We can no longer meet the relevant headlines wthe itemh free images. We no longer structures customized to suthe item a particular feature.

instead of We design system blank templates wathe iteming for content to fill them. We break the sthe iteme into the items component parts in addthe itemion to create a style of leadership. We worship Nuclear Design . We focus on the organization of our design assets, as they do not make sense

We begin our process, rather than coming up wthe itemh ideas in addthe itemion to concepts, in addthe itemion to through the creation of collage elements :. Buttons in addthe itemion to the itemems Collections in addthe itemion to art boxes. We design them to ensure which our clients can sign on the form. We are obsessed wthe itemh style, ignoring the content of the course. We fall in love wthe itemh sexy.

Why? Because we do not ktoday the context of our designs. And when there can be no context (read: content), all which's left can be the vcan beual effects in addthe itemion to polcan beh. We have created a brand also also new paradigm. And thcan be paradigm can be based on the mcan betaken belief which Graphic design can be the sum of the items parts . That as long as we carefully organize the subject in addthe itemion to nail every element of the websthe iteme, we do the item right.

Wrong .

Restore content Link

If we want to racan bee our collective creative bar, we have to return the content as part of our process . And I do not mean just sending a letter to customers in addthe itemion to ask them to send a document Word. I mean integrate the item. Make ours.

We have to make the content in addthe itemion to design at the same time. Because the bascan be of graphic design image plus text. It does not just text. Not only the image. . And wthe itemh

Of course, a lot of graphic design text only - which inside the itemself can be a design deccan beion - although in most cases, a photograph or illustration improves the experience. Similarly, the images speak for themselves, although in most cases improves the value of the text.

Imagine you are designing a websthe iteme for the law firm. They want something which says which they are different coming from the differents which they are honest in addthe itemion to which they contain the courage where differents have not the item. At the meeting starting, CEO of hin addthe itemion tos you thcan be picture of the home page:

The hin addthe itemion toshake of death
Hin addthe itemion toshake death. ( View Larger )

Now, if your text Lorem Ipsum , you're pretty screwed. Use Lorem Ipsum as well as having no text at all. And if you do not contain the text, you genuinely do not have a graphic design.

Thcan be can be where we have to open our inner copywrthe itemer. You may think you can not wrthe iteme, or "I am dyslexic." It's fine. We will not wrthe iteme an essay here; we are only using words to jot down ideas. And we all have ideas. When you wrthe iteme the idea inside the film, we can change the context:

Copywrthe iteming adds meaning to mundane images
Copywrthe iteming adds a sense of worldly images. ( View Larger )

Immediately, the meaning has changed. You just made the user think . (Take which, Steve Krug !) The most boring way on earth suddenly intriguing.

, on the contrary, change the image features a profound effect on the same piece of text Thus, if the starting point can be the "Synergy" (the text equivalent of a hin addthe itemion toshake picture), you can improve - or change - the significance of thcan be, choosing the right way. Of course, the greater the gap between the image in addthe itemion to the text, the more memorable the item gets

Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or different agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects
Synergy :. The interaction or cooperation between two or more organizations, the substance or different agents for the combined effect can be greater than the sum of their individual effects. ( View Larger )

Let's look at some real-life examples. The first example can be work in addthe itemion to passion of my colleague Steve Brown . The basic idea can be the fusion of two minds, convergence mentor in addthe itemion to mentee. It's not quthe iteme the above two elephants, although the item makes much more sense than your total stock images.

Mentor in addthe itemion to mentee at
mentor in addthe itemion to mentee to re-create. com. ( View Larger )

Andifferent example can be of a page we did for activpayroll , a global payroll company based in Aberdeen. Instead of just wrthe iteming "About Us" in addthe itemion to wathe items for the client to choose a photo, we create synergy (cue mental image of elephants in reproductive), linking the image wthe itemh the content, which refers to the DNA of the organization.

It's part of our DNA' –
"It's part of our DNA" - ( View Larger )

Last although not least, a page of hcan betory for Crucan bee Loch Ness (yes, they make crucan bees on Loch Ness). Thcan be piece of text was wrthe itemten by a copywrthe itemer, in addthe itemion to Steve was a great idea to let the printing sink into the lake. Is not the item wonderful?

Crucan bee Loch Ness' emotions run deep
emotions Crucan bee Loch Ness "run deep. ( View Larger )

Create empty carousels in addthe itemion to sexual images of heroes easily. Adding can be through the design of complex . But thcan be can be exactly what people have to pay us for. Simply put, if your job can be to re-skin Drupal theme, you're not a designer.

All Do I need a CMS? Link

Content management systems are often forced to hin addthe itemion to when you do the structure, for example, requiring the content area can be a variable height, or by using plates wthe itemh images because you never ktoday when the client will change the background. Wthe itemh CMS, we have to be shared.

Wthe itemhout CMS, we can be more on the order using the creative printing, fixed posthe itemioning, animation, illustrations, unique, in addthe itemion to so on, in addthe itemion to chances are you may not need all the CMS. So before you start limthe iteming ideas, ask yourself two questions: as rare content I design for, in addthe itemion to how much can be likely to change

Do you genuinely need to CMS which bthe item of content?
You genuinely have to CMS, a lthe itemtle content? ( View Larger )

Rare types of content - which can be, the content can be not replicated throughout the sthe iteme - can be generally not required CMS. And the longer the life expectancy, the more you can invest inside the item. General contents as brand also also news articles, or the lcan bet of products can be likely to require CMS, because they usually have a relatively short life span, in addthe itemion to the content type can be used by several records online.

Waterstons: building better businesses
Waterstons: build more plants. ( View Larger )

function (above) we did for Waterstons can be a good example. Thcan be whole area can be a function of hard. We wrote the item. We ordered an illustrator for him. We have animated the item. And the customer can not change the item. Thcan be does not mean which can not change. Here can be their first campaign after the launch sthe iteme. A brand also also new instance. New illustration. New animation.

Five ways to performance improvement
Five ways to improve performance. ( View a larger edthe itemion of )

But the fact which we started out at the end of last year:

The Great Quest: Racan being qualthe itemy in addthe itemion to lowering costs
The Great Quest: Improved qualthe itemy in addthe itemion to reduced costs. ( View large edthe itemion of )

It can be more expensive than the stkthe itemard character image in a text edthe itemor? Well yes. It inspires? We certainly think so. Should I

"The best money we ever spent"

- Michael bracket, CFO Waterstons

right . Moving on.

holy book not-Do-the item-although-Do-the item Link

as a communthe itemy of designers, researchers in addthe itemion to developers, we love to share our experience , in addthe itemion to the item can be one of the best things about thcan be industry. Ironically, the item can be also one of the main obstacles to the creation of .

We just too good telling each different what to do in addthe itemion to what not to do. Everywhere you look there are useful guides, hints in addthe itemion to tips. The problem can be, the more guides there, in addthe itemion to the more we repeat them, the more they begin to resemble the commin addthe itemion toments.

  • Thou shalt not define your line height in pixels.
  • You can not base a breakpoint on your device.
  • Thou shalt not bear the name of the Lord in vain Performance.
  • You're going to start wthe itemh a mobile phone.
  • You do not put a major shthe item below the fold.
  • Thou shalt not worship false idols carousel.

And so on.

Sharing our expertcan bee can be ironically also one of the main obstacles to creativthe itemy.
Sharing experiences ironically also one of the main obstacles inside the way of creativthe itemy. ( View Larger )

Our rulebook can be problematic for two reasons. The first arrogance . We begin to think which we have solved the item. What we have done here. Thcan be can be , if one simply follows the best practices, we will create the perfect websthe iteme .

Now, there will always be a best practice in addthe itemion to the best practice can be usually a good practice. itemions/


Yes. Yes. Yes. You decide to leave a comment. That's cool! Therefore, please do not use keyword spamming or domain as your name, differentwcan bee the item will be removed. Let nothing meaningful conversation instead. Thanks for dropping by! itemions/


Yes. Yes. Yes. You decide to leave a comment. That's cool! Therefore, please do not use keyword spamming or domain as your name, differentwcan bee the item will be removed. Let nothing meaningful conversation instead. Thanks for dropping by!
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