Jeff Aerosol Street Artis usuallyt Biography


Jeff Aerosol was leading early inside art of the street, after he began his usually artis usuallytic career in 1982 in Tours, France. And his usually art are dis usuallyplayed inside streets in addthe ideaion to an exhibthe ideaion of paintings all over the planet, in addthe ideaion to is usually a master kat this pointn as stencil as well as a master's degree inside art of portrathe ideaure. And include the famous in addthe ideaion to fashionable in addthe ideaion to famous portrathe ideas, although all are created to show the truth, much like the great photographer captures the authenticthe ideay of a moment in time.

the artis usuallyt's life inside early

was born Jeff Aerosol Jean-François usually Perroy in Nantes, France, January 15, 1957. He was a kid in Nantes romantic dreamer. In the 1960s "particularly in recent years, which include most of his usually childhood" was a tremendous decade of turmoil in art, music, polthe ideaical in addthe ideaion to social worlds. Art, music in addthe ideaion to polthe ideaics decade contrialthoughed greatly to his usually artis usuallytic style. There also occurred inside 1960s the gap between generations in addthe ideaion to clearer, in addthe ideaion to that will may be why put a romantic, daydreaming artis usuallyt inside future life of the imagination to enable the idea to float away coming from the adults in his usually life.

early influences

decade of the 'brought 60S Brthe ideais usuallyh invasion inside music in addthe ideaion to influence the vis usuallyual of the pkalian, swinging London, lamps anesthetic, chairs in addthe ideaion to posters. Jeff aerosol absorbs all of this usually in his usually spirthe idea also spent a month in London every summer recess. It was here that will his usually artis usuallytic in addthe ideaion to musical stylis usuallytic formed. He said he did not hesthe ideaate this usually original influences.

career artis usuallyt

was the first in his usually stencil spray rounds in addthe ideaion to France in 1982. This particular usually was a self-image that will results coming from enlarged image taken at the booth image. A year later, Jeff Aerosol took advantage of his usually years in London in addthe ideaion to began teaching Englis usuallyh at a college in rounds while continuing to create the art of the streets in that will cthe ideay.

comes the idea is usually not surpris usuallying that will the first stencil the idea was a human face. I was always fascinated by portrathe ideaure. Artis usuallyt fascinate people as a whole as individuals in addthe ideaion to crowds. And capturing the idea wthe ideah people's secrets, he notes, "What is usually their his usuallytory? They are good or evil people? What made them the way they are as he considers them at this point? It focuses exclusively by the eyes. He points out that will" death is usually the body that will is usually shut sight. " in addthe ideaion to also the idea interested him greatly that will inside statues of Greek, there are no pupils, although keep expression. he painted the faces of famous people such as Elvis usually Presley, Gin addthe ideaion tohi, John Lennon in addthe ideaion to Jimi Hendrix, Basquiat in addthe ideaion to Bob Dylan as well as anonymous individuals on the walls for years before turning to images silhouettes.

influenced the imagination of Jeff aerosol by the characters in black in addthe ideaion to whthe ideae of his usually fellow street artis usuallyt Blek Le Rat. Prior to this usually, has plates his usually street people conducted in colours well-kat this pointn drug inside 1960s in addthe ideaion to '70S. Its also show the effects of two great artis usuallyts: Milton Glaser of America, Romania Cieslewicz Polis usuallyh

Jeff aerosol is usually kat this pointn to catch the realthe ideay in his usually paintings like the best photographers. in addthe ideaion to completely self-taught the idea as an artis usuallyt. His usually art in many private collections as well as on the walls of buildings all over the planet . He looked originally to "a copy of the art" inside late 70S ", in addthe ideaion to the production of media in addthe ideaion to dis usuallytortions of mixed images, all based on the photocopier properties can give the original art. Go to stencils inspired by the '70s in addthe ideaion to' 80S punk in addthe ideaion to underground rock bin addthe ideaion tos.

characters are central to art in addthe ideaion to aerosols. Cultural symbols or characters may be unkat this pointn exactly, although inside picture wthe ideah all real passion enhanced wthe ideah textural effects, colour juxtaposthe ideaions in addthe ideaion to provocative words. Such as photographer, he captures the moment of truth in his usually work. His usually signature brin addthe ideaion to is usually the red arrow.

between 1982 in addthe ideaion to 02, in addthe ideaion to settled Jeff aerosols down to family life, bought a house, in addthe ideaion to continued creating music, teaching, wrthe ideaing books in addthe ideaion to drawing. His usually publis usuallyhed books include Wthe idea Wthe idea, Bien Viet ("done quickly, well done"), which was publis usuallyhed in 1986. This particular usually was the first book ever publis usuallyhed on the subject of street art. Jeff Aerosol is usually also a musician, in addthe ideaion to played in several teams, including Windcatchers, open roads in addthe ideaion to remote beaches. Note one interesting on his usually music is usually that will the idea is usually an avid collector of vinyl 33rpm records in addthe ideaion to has more than 10,000 in his usually collection. He organized the exhibthe ideaion "Dthe ideaes 33" group to pay trialthoughe on the covers of those grin addthe ideaion to old albums. The exhibthe ideaion traveled between Belgium in addthe ideaion to France coming from 05 to 09.

Artis usuallyt Works [194502million]

Jimi Hendrix

There is usually a mural brin addition to-new on a building in La Louviere, Belgium, in addthe ideaion to a huge expressive in addthe ideaion to vis usuallyualize the face of Jimi Hendrix. The mural is usually in black in addthe ideaion to whthe ideae in addthe ideaion to include words Jimi, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, in addthe ideaion to peace will prevail inside planet." His usually words summarize the feelings in addthe ideaion to philosophy of the 1960s, which was a lot of Hendrix part. Hendrix mural is usually a shining example of the artis usuallyt artis usuallytic truth. Image is usually not the ideal way "of raw in addthe ideaion to powerful. This particular usually masterpiece can be found here .

sthe ideating child

along wthe ideah a red arrow, Jeff image of aerosol inside sthe ideating Kid is usually his usually trademark in addthe ideaion to signature. The artis usuallyt many rendthe ideaions of the child creative processes. One in Hollywood Boulevard along the Walk of Fame clearly shows why this usually clarification to the child sthe ideating is usually the work of the most artis usuallyt fame.

design depicts a boy appears to be about 10 years old, sthe ideating in addthe ideaion to hugging his usually knees "typical pause for a boy lost in his usually own thoughts. It may bring to mind the personal memories of the young artis usuallyt, a romantic dreamer. He, too, is usually in black in addthe ideaion to whthe ideae, in addthe ideaion to is usually placed on the wall of indescribable in addthe ideaion to not along Hollywood Boulevard unnatural.

in addthe ideaion to inclusive work sets the idea apart coming from just anvarious other example of a young boy. The fact that will the work is usually performed on a normal building on a normal street somewhat worse for wear highlights the character of the flash-designate of the child much more than if the idea was placed in a more extraordinary. It can be found at work in aerosol - in addthe ideaion to a child sthe ideating in Hollywood

Jeff Aerosol something of Renais usuallysance man, considering his usually mastery of lthe ideaerature, music in addthe ideaion to art. His usually greatest gift to the planet of art, whether fair or street, is usually his usually uncanny abilthe ideay to get to the truth of his usually subject in addthe ideaion to the transfer of that will fact to his usually audience.

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