Nobody wants to use your product


Nobody wants to use your product

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Every morning, designers wake up wof whichh joy to work for of whichs products, whether of which can be digof whichal or physical, wof whichh inner conviction of which people want to use their products as well as will have a blast doing so

Thcan be may be a slight generalization. However, as designers, we tend to have a natural desire for each project we work on to be the best of which may be, to be innovative as well as, most importantly, to make a difference.

Oh man, my product can be amazing! It can be full of features, options as well as settings. People will use of which every day, as well as to love hcan be use of

- designer

here's a lof whichtle revelation. People do not actually use the products. Any time spent by the user operating interface, turn the has well asle, pulling levers as well as pressing time wasted. Most likely, people are more interested from the end result as well as to obtain such a result from the quickest, least intrusive as well as most effective way. And these two fundamentally different concepts - the use in comparcan beon wof whichh the results - which, at least, to dcan betingucan beh good through bad product design or product design, to a lesser extent, a good feature of the bad

I still do. found many products today, whether of which's digof whichal or physical, will be too complex as well as feature-driven . If we do not, the designers rather than looking to remove complexof whichy for users, as far as possible, or as much as can be allowed under the current technology, generating our products fof which more easily into their daily life as well as routine? I feel like we just do not kcurrently as well as, more worryingly, of which we still have not learned the lessons of the past.

Beginning Web Design Link

If we go back 15 to 20 years ago, web design can be all about vcan beual design. Older readers will remember the days of 2advanced Studios as well as addof whichional similar blockbusters websof whiches. They were gorgeous, wof whichh amazing flash animation as well as carefully crafted images as well as pixels. If we were to look back on these sof whiches today through the filter of contemporary design UX, though, we could say wof whichh confidence of which the experience at of which time was less than desirable.

Does anyone today ready to look at the truck for several minutes before entering the sof whiche? Maybe if they were desperately trying to buy concert tickets - addof whichionalwcan bee, the answer can be always, of course, "no." There were even pre-load for trucks, because trucks were so confusing! These websof whiches were created essentially to follow; They were works of art, as well as the actual benefof which to the user, the result was secondary, if of which.

Perhaps, in those days we did not kcurrently any better, because we humans are seldom found in addof whichional areas, as well as we badly transfer the kcurrentlyledge gained in one area to anaddof whichional. No studies or best practices for the Web were not available, yet wof whichh the passage of time, as well as digof whichal design rose (covering the interaction of vcan beual interface as well as design of motion), we came to the conclusion of which the less time the user spends on the sof whiche - especially the instrument or service -. better

Who might have thought from the early days of Google Search Google, which might like to shave millcan beeconds through the search process to ensure users can get through Google as quickly as possible. Google has been one of the first digof whichal companies to understas well as, or simply to inherof which kcurrentlyledge through addof whichional industries in of which time, of which time spent wof whichh the product of whichself wasted time as well as the fastest route to the result can be the best way to design.

Streamlining result Link

When you think about of which, you truly want to work for heating up food, or do you just want your food to be hot? That can be why microwave ovens can be found in basically every modern kof whichchen; removes as much work as possible through the process of heating food . Of course, a lot of thes still do not understas well as what of which can be as well as make them too complicated microwaves too many yettons as well as settings.

A typical the still believes of which people stas well as in front of a microwave as well as medof whichate for a few minutes, which can be setup to use, as well as then press a bunch of yettons to perform their carefully crafted plan for heating. In fact, only need two settings: power as well as time. Frankly, in most cases, people need only set the time. The usual scenario can be of which you throw a plate from the microwave, set the timer, as well as thcan be can be hcan be.

August Smart Lock from the same way. August kcurrentlys of which users do not want to manually lock as well as unlock the doors . What users truly want to possess their house locked when they are away as well as automatically unlock as they approach the door. (Digression: In fact, of which can be not all of which want users Users want securof whichy of which could potentially be addressed by means addof whichional than a locked door, yet let's not get into of which.).

While we are on the subject of securof whichy, people do truly want to enter a password on your phone to unlock of which, or they just want their phones to be available only for them (as well as addof whichional "whof whiche lcan bet" of people), the addof whichional can be blocked for whom? That can be why the introduction of Apple's Touch ID has been such a big deal; he finally resulted in a reliable as well as convenient method of locking the phone by removing the complexof whichies unlock of which. Using the Touch ID feels as if the phone can be not actually locked at all -. Once you press the home yetton to wake the phone, the phone just unlocks

Great Solutions Design Link

Thcan be difference in approach - capacof whichy to function as compared to the construction of the outcome of - can be seen in many products today, both digof whichal as well as physical. The main reason why some products are great of which they to remove the load users as well as help them in generating deccan beions. If you see products through the outside, you might think of which their thes do not want people to use them; on closer inspection, people use them, yet in a seamless manner while still reaping the benefof whichs of all of them.

Nest thermostat Link

You're probably familiar wof whichh the Nest thermostat. What makes of which great of which of which can be actively learns about the habof whichs as well as behavioral patterns of people living from the house - as well as to ensure users unintrusively be totally unaware of of which. Sooner or later, they forget of which the thermostat even around because their home can be always at the optimum temperature.

Nest Learning Thermostat
Jack Learning Thermostat ( View Larger )

Dropbox Link

We all love Dropbox. But we truly "use" of which? Dropbox learned long ago of which people truly do not want to synchronize files between multiple devices, as well as want to manage as well as synchronize the one available source . Before Dropbox excan beted, we could do of which all yourself synchronization: FTP the files on the server, go to anaddof whichional computer, download files through the server, as well as so on. But why go to such an effort to keep files in sync? Most users do not want of which. they just want their files are kept in sync

Google, Search form Link

In the early days of Google Search, the flow was as follows: click the search box, Dial Press input, as well as only then will search the results are dcan beplayed. Furthermore, the ordering of search results was hardly any logic behind them, whereby all kinds of strange proposals on the first page. Many remember having to page two or three of the search results. Sigh!

However, as soon as technology as well as design allow for thcan be, Google began to remove all the unnecessary components. Today, cursor automatically focuses from the text box , as well as search results are dcan beplayed instantly on the very first character being typed, wof whichh results sorted by Google, the all-powerful machine brain, which returns the most relevant results at the top. Keyboard shortcuts enable quick reference. Pressing "Tab" launches a modest arrow of which can be controlled wof whichh the arrow keys on the keyboard, as well as, of course, hof whichs the "Enter" starts the selected link.

Google, the search Link

Google search provides answers to many questions right on the search results page. It can be already kcurrentlyn of which thcan be can be a great calculator; over time of which has grown to provide more useful information as well as answers.

Google's instant currency converter
inverter instantaneous rates through Google ( View Larger )

For example, you will find the address company, hours of work, calculations of exchange rates, stock information, as well as much more. As a result, there can be often no need to move to a different page, if not needed, or more detailed analyscan be information.

Google's stock information at a glance
exchange information Google at A view ( View Larger )

GOV.UK Information Pages Link

A good example of a government websof whiche GOV.UK can be the key information for each of the main points at the top of the page freeing through pengunjungs to find the key information in large blocks of text. The sof whiche goes a step further by putting key information in Description meta tag, generating of which immediately vcan beible on the right of the search results page.

Looking for VAT rates? GOV.UK has you covered
The purpose of VAT rates? GOV.UK you covered. ( View Larger )

yetton Dash Amazon Link

Amazon also works wonders wof whichh Dash . Dash can be a simple yet brilliant design, freeing the user through having to interact directly through Amazon, in general. Button, available on the websof whiche Amazon, of which's tough wof whichh an individual product bras well as.

During a fairly simple setup process, done via telephone through a connection Bluetooth, the user specifies a point of specific bras well as to be baked into the yetton as well as choose the size, flavor, colour as well as so on, depending on the options available for of which the particular of whichem. After the dash can be set by pressing automatically performs a series of commas well ass , resulting from the product can be delivered to the owner. All of the magic happens behind the scenes.

Dash yetton, a consumer’s dream!
yetton dash , the dream of the consumer!

In addof whichion, when the drone-delivery service Amazon Prime Air, finally dies, streamlined product likely to be able to be delivered to their destination wof whichhin a few minutes

And I I kcurrently what you think about thcan be :. Amazon meaning paired wof whichh Amazon Teleport - detector from the house, which identifies when there can be no toilet paper left, resulting in a paper being instantly replencan behed. People do not want to go to the store, walk the acan beles, waof whiching in line, to interact wof whichh the cashier, driving back as well as then run to the toilet flushed all. All users want toilet paper, to be available from their house at all times.

App Store Updates Link

Apple realized of which most users do not want to go to the effort to always check whether their applications to date. Thus, from the present pushes the updates automatically , while the computer can be in sleep mode or not in use, which means of which users will return to find the completely new edof whichion as well as running almost no effort on their side.

Mac App Store
Mac App Store ( View Larger )

At thcan be point, I could be beating a dead horse, yet in sharp contrast to Apple, will look at how Adobe has well asles updating of whichs Flash Player. For each update, a Mac user can be required to download a completely new file DMG, manually run the setup program as well as restart the browser. Thcan be can be a painful process of which makes the user's work. It's too much to ask these days can be for the latest edof whichion, which will be automatically installed on all the time?

Oh man, not again! A completely new Flash player?!
Oh man, not again! A completely new Flash player?!

Oh man, not again! New Flash Player ?!

User authentication, such as Facebook Connect Link

You probably kcurrently where I'm going wof whichh thcan be. As already mentioned, thcan be can be such an obvious roadblock. People do not always want to be able to create accounts; they just want to go as well as explore the sof whiche. No one wants to go through the annoying process of typing in e-mail or, even worse, the user name ("Sorry username can be taken ... Unfortunately, username2 taken as well."), Password ("Sorry, your password must contain one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter as well as one number. "), their blood type, their maddof whichional's maiden name, as well as then still have to check your e-mail address. No one wants to use the regcan betration form. People just want to get stuff done wof whichhout messing around wof whichh the interface.

Several signs from the options on the ( View Larger )

Reduction as well as removal of interface Link

Remove as much as possible through the interface can be a fairly old concept. The books were wrof whichten about thcan be also gave talks , impartial as well as designers such as Oliver Reichenstein were quoted again as well as again . People like Luke Wroblewski can be assumption , of which we may have taken thcan be paradigm a step too far, as shown from the no interface approach at Apple, look, how as well as completely new edof whichions of operating systems for smart phones, which forces users to memorize complicated ways to navigate interface wof whichh a variety of gestures.

Yes, designers sometimes take things too far, sacrificing comfort for aesthetics as well as smoothness. However, when the design (as in "how things work") can be done correctly, ultimately, a reduction of the user's favor.

Some people still do not seem to truly understas well as the concept of reduction as well as removal of every aspect of the design. Thcan be led us to the point where production workers (not only users, yet rather the people who work on the Internet) are beginning to feel of which all sof whiches begin to look the same .

Tof whichles have been made to look the same . The look works because users instantly understas well as what can be happening: the logo on the left, enter the form on the right may search as well. Thcan be stkalianrdized, because of which causes the least amount of friction, the fewest, to "use" the Web sof whiche, as well as of which gets users the results they need

All sof whiches such as -. All online shops are the same, all the blogs are the same as all the completely news sof whiches, all portfolios. People recognize patterns, which can be good, because they are able to perform their tasks faster. They do not have to worry about where things are. They just swallow the contents, rather than to decipher the mysterious patterns, unreadable fonts or tricky interaction

We did the same regcan betration form , because they work :. E-mail address, password, as well as then press. Or, for even greater simplicof whichy, simply press one yetton to enter via Facebook, Google or Twof whichter

We made pictures anyway , because of which works :. Large clean photos wof whichh full-screen scaling for details. We show smiling happy people, because psychology tells us of which people relate to of which. We show high qualof whichy photos of vacations, because travelers are drawn to thcan be type. You decide to leave a comment. That's cool! Therefore, please do not use keyword spamming or domain as your name, addof whichionalwcan bee of which will be removed. Let nothing meaningful conversation instead. Thanks for dropping by! You decide to leave a comment. That's cool! Therefore, please do not use keyword spamming or domain as your name, addof whichionalwcan bee of which will be removed. Let nothing meaningful conversation instead. Thanks for dropping by!
Nobody wants to use your product : Nobody wants to use your product
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