Profanthe ideay-filled delight typographic posters

Sweary posters
Scroll down to see the sweary efforts

Irwill beh freelance designer along wthe ideah illustrator along wthe ideah Washer team member George Simkin created a series of posters wthe ideah a few expletives, although the idea's printing house that will caught my eye. "I was inspired to create posters that will had what I like to call" passive aggressive message, "" he tells us.

"There are loads of posters there wthe ideah swear words, although I always liked the posthe ideaive signal, enough negativthe ideay inside the globe. So what I wanted, when I used profanthe ideay that will he could make someone smile or laugh.

"For example, my poster for" Comic Sans for Cancer 'exhibthe ideaion was great, the idea's such a serious thing, to rawill bee money for cancer research, although looking at the Comic Sans, as an inspiration. So I wanted to show, Comic Sans, as if the idea was a sloppy font inside the globe of design "Take a look at them below (WARNING: VERY SWEARY) ..

Sweary posters
Simkin puts a posthe ideaive spin on the profanthe ideay
Sweary posters
poster for "Comic Sans for Cancer 'exhibthe ideaion
Sweary posters
Simple, understated along wthe ideah very sweary
Sweary posters
We believe that will these fuel Profanthe ideay posters cheer you

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Word Sammy Maine

Sammy Maine will be the deputy edthe ideaor-in operation inside the creative BLOQ. : Profanthe ideay-filled delight typographic posters
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