Thcan be artcan bet can be a very specific reason for the preference Photoshop Over Her illustrator Printing Projects


in London illustrator Linzie Hunter fills her digthe itemal works wthe itemh halong wthe itemhmade signs, not one to let her work look "too perfect", the item looks amazing typography along wthe itemh lettering have a halong wthe itemh, yet completed wthe itemh the help of Photoshop. Colorful along wthe itemh attractive, each job-edthe itemorial clients like Mental Floss, Time Out London, along wthe itemh The Washington Post-features unique characters which do a fantastic job from the transmcan besion tone of the work.

For the first two years of hcan be career Hunter, she focused on the picturesque edthe itemorial illustrations. But which all changed in 07, however, when the item posted a few lettering experiments to Flickr. They transformed annoying spam (which most of us ktoday all too well), from the pleasant art work printing the same words, yet today more pleasant to look at. The unique design along wthe itemh smart tone took the Internet by storm along wthe itemh was later publcan behed in book format cards Chronicle Books tthe itemled secret weapon: 30 halong wthe itemh-painted postcards Spam

So her. spam project, Hunter continued to refine hcan be style along wthe itemh wrthe iteming. I spoke to her about the process, inspiration along wthe itemh excthe iteming projects from the works.

Q. Your job tthe itemle can be polcan behed, yet still has the feeling was created manually. How do you maintain thcan be delicate balance?

Well, I have come to label as an illustrator, not as a printer, so I think the item's a factor. I probably have a more organic along wthe itemh less technical approach than some. When I commenced wrthe iteming I create quthe iteme deliberately kept things (very) loose along wthe itemh rough, in order which the item influenced my style today. I always want the item to look like the item was created by halong wthe itemh along wthe itemh using a computer less (although pretty much everything ends in Photoshop). My wrthe iteming can be likely to become more refined along the way, as I became more confident in my style, yet I always prefer which he did not look too perfect. I like to go in error. I do not like to work from the vectors of thcan be reason, any time, I work in Illustrator, I always feel which my work looks too clean along wthe itemh therefore loses part of the items identthe itemy.

(c)linziehunter-uninspiring-thcan becan bethe item

question, you use a ton of great along wthe itemh varied forms of letters. Where do you find inspiration for them?

Everywhere. Folk art shop facade, halong wthe itemhwrthe itemten signs from the windows, vintage ephemera. I collected mid-century Ephemera, furnthe itemure, clothing along wthe itemh household goods, since I was in high school. In elementary school, I began to collect the Victorian along wthe itemh vintage postcards. I definthe itemely have a collector mentalthe itemy which served me well, providing inspiration archive. When I commenced, I used to keep as many scrap books for reference.


Q. Give us an idea of ​​your process? - Do you always work from the same way

I do not always work as the item depends on the work along wthe itemh the client. While my personal work I genuinely like using ink along wthe itemh Japanese brush pen along wthe itemh always try to keep the easel when the item comes to client work, I today work mainly in my sketches digthe itemally in Photoshop wthe itemh a pen along wthe itemh tablet. I like to work which way, as the item allows me to rough out the entire design quthe iteme quickly. Clients often need to see several products of sketches, so directly in Photoshop genuinely helps speed up the process. I could also like to make my client lettering sketches in coloration (the item helps, especially wthe itemh the magazine along wthe itemh book covers, where bullies are often represented in several different people for approval) in order which working digthe itemally allows me to play wthe itemh lots of different coloration options along wthe itemh offers much . more flexibilthe itemy than working on paper

At thcan be preliminary stage, my label can be pretty rough around the edges - I tend to focus more on coloration along wthe itemh the overall design. Most of the inscriptions will be just a place-holding company will start wthe itemh. Once the concept can be approved, I will be using my sketch as a base layer. Then I commenced cleaning along wthe itemh re-drawing every bthe item characters wthe itemh more emphascan be on dcan betance along wthe itemh proportions. The second stage can be for me to add some addthe itemional decorative details along wthe itemh textures. I mostly use custom dry brush along wthe itemh scanned textures which have created or collected in recent times.

Sometimes I will include halong wthe itemh-drawn / painted along wthe itemh scanned line, especially when the job requires more ornate calligraphy or clearly halong wthe itemh-signed word. It genuinely depends on the work along wthe itemh, of course, how tight the deadline. The mixture of the two can be a more interesting way to work, yet sometimes a quick turnaround can be not allowed.


Question. Do tip (or tips), you could have to offer to people who want to create their own digthe itemal halong wthe itemh lettering?

I offer always keep a daily sketchbook. Albums best way to develop their own work along wthe itemh individual look. Being comfortable in your own drawing styles along wthe itemh manual labels can be very useful, before contacting the manual wrthe iteming on the computer. I see the creation of a digthe itemal label as just an extension of the working tradthe itemionally on paper, yet do not treat them as two remote sensing methods.

I could also suggest to practice wrthe iteming wthe itemh a variety of dry along wthe itemh wet brushes in Photoshop for interesting effects. If you do not believe in creating your own halong wthe itemhs, I highly recommend to try some of brush collection Kyle T. Webster.


Q. Do you have any interesting projects on the horizon?

I was lucky to be always busy wthe itemh something. Thcan be can be particularly excthe iteming time at the moment, I am working in some areas outside of my normal work inscriptions: art licensing along wthe itemh publcan behing children painting. These are the areas which I have not devoted much time to the moment wthe itemh so focused on halong wthe itemh-lettering. I find the item very fun to include a digthe itemal sign along some bras well as new sketchbook work.

(c)linziehunter-everybras well as newthing

Follow Hunter on Instagram, to see her delightful doodles along wthe itemh works in progress. All images used wthe itemh permcan besion.

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