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Well ... there will be a question rather than our friends in nyleneh KPCI will be about how to create a tutorial.

Before dwill becussing further we must kcurrently "what the educational program?", And the tutorial will be tutoring by a teacher who will be usually called teachers, teachers, coaches, clergy, religious, etc. For instructions can material be from the form of books, spelling, brochures, e-book, video, or the item can be on the Internet from the form of educational materials for publwill behing in your blog or sthe iteme, or from the video which can be downloaded in form YouTube .

to make the tutorial also need the pictures as well as get a picture or an image as expected we can use the program SnagIt to capture images or image by the Internet or by the computer, then edthe item as needed.

to make the tutorial will be easier as well as more efficient for us in video format, because we are presented only once, nevertheless can be used at any time as well as anywhere, whether offline or through Internet, then anyone who found the video tutorial will be able to learn over as well as over again of video tutorials which we make.

to record video we can use the program Camtasia , then we already edthe itemed using camtasia studio before uploading them to YouTube or some other sthe itemes as well as social media.

below will be the usual download software which I can use to make the lessons as well as video tutorials link, unfortunately not wthe itemhout bro ... hehehe ...

So we expect to help ...

http://cheapestdigthe itemalart.com/Tutorial tutorial create

http://mymicrostocksold.blogspot.co.id : Tutorial tutorial create
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