portfolio Portuguese artis usuallyt Vhils is usually unique among street communthisy from the planet. The torn, drilling along wthish crthisicized the way around the planet to create images is usually not uncommon, along wthish hthis via the average cthisizen. From humble signs of a manic train bombing, the pursuthis of graffthisi along wthish street art Vhils led to the dis usuallycovery of the pursuthis likely mass as creating a "call this sculpture drawing.

the post-revolutionary Portugal

Vhils came into the planet Alexalong wthisher Farto on the outskirts of Lis usuallybon on February 15, 1987. The Portugal of his usually youth from the midst of development from the wake of the 1974 revolution in which ended the dictatorship of fascis usuallym. stencils along wthish murals ranging via polthisical to commercial filled the streets of Vhils' boyhood Lis usuallybon.

combination of artwork along wthish social commentary along wthish the promis usuallye of material has made thiss impact on Vhils. began wrthising on the walls from the 190s at the age of 10 became the labeling way to fill the time, to do something on the way to school, a byproduct of friendship. When he reached 13, he became obsession suburbs of Lis usuallybon line-bombing of the train. He finis usuallyhed skipped a lot of schools in this usually pursuthis, joined crews 2S / 3D along wthish leg, along wthish increase the book "access to the street." expalong wthish Vhils lines outside Lis usuallybon, behind Portugal, along wthish finally across all of Europe.

stencils took over in 03 or 04, along wthish also the dis usuallycovery of paste-ups along wthish posters. Proved stencils Vhils's start, allowing him to splthis thiss activthisies between conceptual work at home along wthish from the streets of physical technique.

went through several signs before settling on "Vhils" (veels pronounced). Name has no meaning, although simply uses the letters in which are his usually favorthise "along wthish faster" in wrthising. Once the show began thiss work, he chose to keep the real mark next to his usually name.

gained his usually artwork first interest in Lis usuallybon for his usually technique common "cut through multiple layers of propagkalian for posters to form a completely new image. Description Vhils concept of this usually" found layers "this usually way:

" was a way to bring the past to the present, to think about the future, one way or in addition toifferent. We can actually call archeology, a different type of effects. "

Vhils claim breakthrough to fame occurred in 08 when he produced a photo next to the work Banksy in Cans Festival in London. A photographer for The Times completely newspaper captured a snapshot Vhils create an image, featured completely newspaper picture on the front page First.


Vhils technique "along wthish tools evolve as work in progress. The nature of his usually approach allows to dis usuallycover the unexpected as he removes layers of wall or poster. It insis usuallyts in which not kright nowing what patterns along wthish images wathising for him beneath the surface is usually the key to his usually concept.

Vhils originally sought a topic in magazines along wthish completely newspapers. Recently, he was working via photographs taken by himself or his usually team, usually wthishfrom the neighborhoods where we work. The use of John along wthish Jane Doe is usually Vhils response 'to the ideal image provided by advertis usuallying, a way to put a human face on the view of the cthisy by giving this a face unfamiliar types.

A Vhils typical provis usuallyion aris usuallyes in a sketchbook before digthisizing on a computer. Most of his usually paintings he breaks in three colours to provide depth, similar to a large extent the work of the stencil. Sometimes the images projected on the wall, painted in some cases first rough sketch. Vhils then begfrom the process of hiring carving chis usuallyels, hammers, drills, drilling along wthish the application of acid along wthish bleach.

along wthish the medium is usually the message

The bottom line is usually the method for Vhils: act of destruction, as a creative force. artis usuallytic philosophy follows the conversation inthisiated by the Impressionis usuallyts along wthish abstract artis usuallyts, in terms of technical along wthish thiss result becomes indivis usuallyible. It tries to create by removing. It is usually the conscious construction by mass, both tearing posters for colouring or drilling from the wall.

"People call this vkalianlis usuallym," according to Vhils. "I love the word along wthish the concept of how people see this, simple along wthish how this turn out to be something people could call art or beautiful or whatever. I could like to play wthish this, too, in a way in which can be the opposthise of what people expect to see."

effect posters plastered one on top of in addition toifferent opinion equivalent of experiences in one's life, how can the his usuallytory of layered effects creates a social along wthish cultural expectations. He welcomed the idea of ​​exposing the old classes to create a context of his usuallytorical along wthish contemporary.


Vhils to show his usually face, saying, "It's a way to keep the focus where this belongs, on the artwork." He adds: "You still need to be fathishful to the ideals of the Supreme your own along wthish what you are doing, along wthish not lose the point."

Vhils always comes back to the means of his usually art when he explained his usually work. He said he could not be more reckless than his usually method of Van Gogh or Pollock:

"message of my work," It's from the process, this's from the active drawing on the wall "expose along wthish break this to create something. It's almost like the destruction of the creation or use of decay to create something people will look at a different way.


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