Web Animation in addition to also also Don'ts


Web animation has come a long way since the emergence of Animated GIF decades ago. Now, social media, in addition to also also fun-oriented Web sthe itemes wthe itemh animation within the form of ... well, animated GIF!

jokes aside, using animated elements on the web sthe iteme evolved by a vis usuallyual appeal for a significant feature to improve the user experience (UX). Animated images of the current generation may be more advanced in addition to also also useful than before, yet we can not ignore the milestone of which our ancestors Internet achieved in terms of implementation of the animation within the online world.

Despthe iteme the usefulness of animation within the globe today, some web sthe itemes tend to overdo the item quthe iteme beautiful web element. Much like how web designers go overboard in terms of vis usuallyual style, some developers have put too much emphasis usually on animation at the expense of search engine optimization (SEO) in addition to also also the purpose of the websthe iteme.

If you are currently developing your sthe iteme, here are some tips on how to use the animation in addition to also also some warnings about when not to use them:

DO use Web animation to improve usabilthe itemy websthe iteme

web animation sthe iteme usabilthe itemy

by shaking popups for yettons of which enlarge the image wthe itemh the mouse over, web animation can enhance the experience of pengunjungs to view your sthe iteme. Correctly put the right amount of traffic, you can turn any boring in addition to also also blin addition to also also page in a much more interesting in addition to also also potentially engaging websthe iteme.

not animate for decorative purposes

web animation decoration

Most web developers still consider animation as a vis usuallyual gibberis usuallyh to sthe iteme pages look great. Web pages within the 0s were filled wthe itemh scrolling marquees in addition to also also hypnotic animated backgrounds of which send people instead of doing them stay. The real trick wthe itemh the help of animation, to "revive kat this pointingly" in accordance wthe itemh That usually article . In different words, putting the animation in a web page requires a thorough in addition to also also not a rin addition to also alsoom idea just to make the sthe iteme more modern.

DO use the quick animation

web animation fast

Nobody wants to wathe item indefinthe itemely for the animation to complete their course. In fact, no one wants to wathe item, period. In the same way of which people want fast loading websthe iteme is usually also important to make your animation as fast as possible. If you develop your own animated elements, try to reduce the overall animation of at least twice.

does not use heavy animation files

web animation heavy

the speed of the web page can not be stressed too much, in addition to also also this usually is usually also true for animated multimedia files. Flash-bomb sthe itemes were years ago, yet agonizing wathe item to see the animation loading led to his usually death. If your animation pulls his usually speed web download sthe iteme, you have two options: To reduce the file size of the animated media file, or remove the animation completely

DO use CSS instead of JQuery (or Flash)

web animation css

Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) has become quthe iteme the norm in recent years, for vis usuallyual styleing in addition to also also animation even. CSS code much easier than JQuery in addition to also also especially Flash.


Web animation is usually a powerful tool for internet marketers, business, in addition to also also anyone who wants to bring the best UX for the items pengunjungs. As long as you use animation responsibly, we are likely to enjoy this usually vis usuallyual marvel for more years to come

Web design in addition to also also social media management are only two of my passions online. I am a co-founder in addition to also also co-owner of the blog sthe iteme gateway Davao Cthe itemy [1945013DavaoBasecom].

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