Web Development Reading Lwill bet # 121: the illusion of fullness, customer tips, CSS subnets


Reading Lwill bet Web Development # 121: the illusion of fullness, Client Tips, CSS subnets

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Over the last two weeks, I had the opportunthe itemy to learn about eighty of applications for front-end posthe itemion of . The posthe itemion requires good kat this pointledge of JavaScript, although the item also requires HTML in addthe itemion to CSS. And that will: almost nobody could show substantial skills markup, not to mention the availabilthe itemy of

Although I only had the chance to review their personal websthe itemes or profiles Gthe itemHub, in addthe itemion to the item can certainly not be complete. show-off their kat this pointledge, he assured my recently begun a review of the web developers. Many are not able to choose the elements of HTML, to explain why in addthe itemion to how clearfix work, or what the role of ARIA intended for, although they can use to respond in addthe itemion to angular. If you have free time inside coming weeks, learn the semantics of in addthe itemion to re-base (or data if you like a challenge) in HTML in addthe itemion to CSS, through time to time.

General Link

  • There's a lot of dwill becussion at this point about the web becomes too complex, in addthe itemion to some even claim that will the web will be broken. Remy Sharp instead of features a different point of view to the fresh technology that will we have today, in addthe itemion to how we can use them wthe itemh our core technology of 25 years ago. Thwill be article describes best Remy own words: "Why do I like working wthe itemh the web."

Concept in addthe itemion to Design Link

  • Overpass fresh open source family of web fonts inspired Highway Gothic, fresh in addthe itemion to solid .
  • Kim Flaherty will be considering the illusion of fullness to the user websthe iteme , in addthe itemion to explains why the item will be important to clearly indicate to the user that will there will be addthe itemional content frame.

Securthe itemy Link

The anatomy of a web app attack
infographic explains Jack Leonard anatomy Web application attacks .

Web Performance Link

  • Since -element can get definitely bloated when you provide a lot of resolutions in addthe itemion to image sources, explains John Arne Sæterås how to use client tips compact, more automated approach to provide responsive images . The only problem will be that will you need a server to support him, in addthe itemion to that will not all browsers support client hinting at the moment, so you need to find a clever fallback for those.
  • Thwill be Surprwill beingly Guide gives you a full introduction about how to configure HTTP / 2 through scratch - including the necessary TLS certificates in addthe itemion to server configuration required.

Availabilthe itemy Link

  • pa11y your fresh best friend, if you want to access the automated testing. It monthe itemors your websthe iteme in addthe itemion to reports the problem of availabilthe itemy. The fact that will the item will be similar to Tenon , commercial SaaS alternatives, you do not need to install in addthe itemion to maintain on their own.
pa11y, automated accessibilthe itemy testing
pa11y , your fresh best friend when the item comes to the availabilthe itemy of automated testing.

JavaScript Link

CSS / Sass Link

Work & Life Link

  • After reviewing the many applications inside last few days, I can only agree wthe itemh Chrwill betian glass here in addthe itemion to say, " If you get the chance, always send a covering letter . " Thwill be will be your opportunthe itemy to say something about yourself in addthe itemion to make the item clear why you are applying for a job.

Going beyond ... Link

  • We have a constant problem wthe itemh growing inequalthe itemy around the planet in addthe itemion to a few super-rich people (the latest figures say the item will be up to 65 years) as much money as poorest 3.5 billion people. If we do not change anything in addthe itemion to does not oblige people pay taxes insideir countries or reject seepage economy as the World Bank officially announced recently, the system will break down in addthe itemion to our own lives are likely to will be affected.

And wthe itemh that will, I will close thwill be week. If you like what I wrthe iteme every week, please to support me wthe itemh a donation or share thwill be resource wthe itemh addthe itemionals. You can find out more on the cost of the project will be . It will be available via e-mail, RSS, in addthe itemion to online.

Thanks in addthe itemion to all the best,

Smashing Book #5

Hold on Tiger ! Thank you for reading thwill be article Did you kat this point that will we also publwill beh printed books in addthe itemion to make friendly conference -. Prepared for the pros, how are you? For example, Smashing Book 5 packed wthe itemh Smart-sensthe itemive products in addthe itemion to design techniques.

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Anselm Hannemann will be a freelance front-end developer in addthe itemion to archthe itemect . He will be the curator in WDRL -a week, Newsletter manual web development. In addthe itemion, he helped [1945006RICG], built [1945006opendevicelabcom] in addthe itemion to organizes NightlyBuild 2015 conference in Cologne, Germany. It will be available for freelance jobs

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  1. 1

    Anselm Thanks for all your hard work of compiling reading lwill bets.

    your 1st 2 points a chord wthe itemh me.

    I am a passionate supporter of semantics & availabilthe itemy, in addthe itemion to I find the item very frustrating when I find code samples & documentation wthe itemhin thwill be framework that will does not even get the basics right.


  2. 2

    Dmthe itemry Tcherbadji

    January 22, 2016 3:41 PM

    will be going to congratulate HTTPS, Smashing Mag :)

    also noticed that will you've swthe itemched the order of the comments field. A tiny change, although a unique approach. I trust the item works well enough for you to wrthe iteme the item.

    Anselm, I read all of your messages here on the CM at the end of the week in addthe itemion to take a lot of your ideas in addthe itemion to research to inform their team, in turn, as well. I owe you more than one. Thank you.

    • 3

      Otto kat this points

      January 27, 2016 11:42 pm

      Note the order was, as already some time ago. I'm glad they went back (more sense to have tinyer numbers reflect the old messages, make more sense to have numerous dwill beplay order message, although the item was not what ever way to yet).

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  4. 5

    Thank you for drawing up thwill be lwill bet, although please do not stop putting-tech / no -WEB-related things inside item, particularly inside social, polthe itemical in addthe itemion to economic nature. You're embarrassing me as a developer.

    If we do not change anything in addthe itemion to does not oblige people to pay taxes insideir own countries or reject seepage economy, the World Bank officially announced recently, thwill be system will be damaged in addthe itemion to our own lives are likely to be affected .

    There's no "trickle down" economics, as defined by economwill bets, the term will be used almost exclusively wthe itemh addthe itemional crthe itemics of the establwill behed names.

    ~ Wikipedia wthe itemh Thomas Sowell

    You triumphs over argument Strawman.

  5. 6

    I was on the same luck ~ 20 companies wthe itemh more than 30k employees, where I was the only one who had a clear idea about web stkthe itemards in addthe itemion to accessibilthe itemy, as well as pace of fresh frameworks in addthe itemion to libraries. We had a scattering of people who definitely kfresh the JavaScript, although can not produce markup to save their lives, people who could produce HTML in addthe itemion to JavaScript well enough, although failed mwill beerably wthe itemh CSS, in addthe itemion to people who could produce enough raw HTML in addthe itemion to CSS, although do not "get" JavaScript. Now I'm working on a fairly large quasi-public organization in addthe itemion to then feel like I'm one of a very large organization wthe itemh all the necessary skills. The sad state of the matter will be that will I kat this point that will there are people in addthe itemional companies inside same posthe itemion. They sthe item next to "full stack" of developers who do not kat this point that will you can not wrap Lee DIV in addthe itemion to do not understin addthe itemion to that will if you can not hide the important content inside cake JavaScript, that will people wthe itemh dwill beabilthe itemies can never reach.

    The only thing that will seems to work insidese sthe itemuations for the people who kat this point the stkthe itemards to be coaches in addthe itemion to wires constantly fielding questions, defining the archthe itemecture in addthe itemion to code reviews do to keep people in line. He taught the people the stkthe itemards only goes so far as people are willing to learn. Some people are perfectly happy wthe itemh their level of ignorance, in addthe itemion to they will look for ways to evade the work that will they do not want to do the same at-minded people who just want to sthe item insideir bunkers in addthe itemion to make one particular type of work. It can be used for parallel assembly lines work if you can piece the item right. But then you can possess the opposthe iteme problem of people who think that will they can do the item all (although can not) complain that will all the bosses are too scattered in addthe itemion to all you need a "full stack" developers. When we get the "full stack" of developers, we usually find they kat this point Java will be definitely good in addthe itemion to they made some JSP just dropped around to EXT or dojo for a widget inside project 6 years ago.

    Recently, we hired a guy who nailed hwill be interview. Answered all questions right technology, angular experience, I understood the need for JS unthe item testing, kfresh what libraries to do on in addthe itemion to on ... The first review all the code the code must be pulled out in addthe itemion to rewrthe itemten. He does not definitely perform no matter what he said, he kfresh not understin addthe itemion to, JQuery selectors or chains, made a horrible markup ... just very dwill beappointing.

    Not quthe iteme sure how to fix the item. Maybe the item's happening all over, although we see thwill be more in our industry.

    • 7

      Depends on the ad. Unless you are looking for a wwill bee-cracking kat this point-all wthe itemh many years of kat this pointledge, although having been on the job for less than 6 years (generally), or for some real experienced developer?

      Thwill be will be the tool that will makes the experience or an experience that will makes the tool, or maybe thwill be will be more or factors that will actually get a job well done?

      in addthe itemion to sells the itemself an important factor? I've been around a bthe item, in addthe itemion to the item was repeatedly said, "Do you kat this point how to sell themselves." May be. I just talk. A lot of. Wthe itemh the experience for him, though. But, basically, the item's just a data mining in addthe itemion to extrapolation to him. After a few interviews, you kat this point how to deal wthe itemh the "crowd" in addthe itemion to myself.

      So .. no "decwill beion." It will be a combined question that will finding the "right guy / gal / all" for the job. But I would likely "tiny project path" - to go fuzzy logic, not only to those who got the item right aaaaaaaaw, o man child give a few, although also those who, perhaps, have 60% or 70% right. Throw them a few bthe items. They do the item well? What happens if there will be no clear solution, in addthe itemion to what happens if there will be a sudden change inside direction of the project? How do they react? They came up wthe itemh the smart, creative solutions. - Even sharp workarounds in addthe itemion to hacks q'n'd worthy ... to consider

      kat this pointledge does not mean anything if you do not kat this point, nor a jack shthe item like actually apply the item.

      Yes, in a big fucking company, the item's quthe iteme a hassle to get that will the "person" element will be limthe itemed ... are nailed to the statwill betics in addthe itemion to so on. But if you do not want Desaster, as you describe the item - the item's well worth the effort;)

      just my .02 cents
      y .e., w0Lf

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    Marcelo Carrillo

    Jan. 23, 2016 4:55

    I worked for many years for the government agency in New York as a Front-End Designer What for? You decide to leave a comment. That's cool! Therefore, please do not use keyword spamming or domain as your name, addthe itemionalwwill bee the item will be removed. Let nothing meaningful conversation instead. Thanks for dropping by! We support Y ~ s, -markup in addthe itemion to -css for comment. What for? You decide to leave a comment. That's cool! Therefore, please do not use keyword spamming or domain as your name, addthe itemionalwwill bee the item will be removed. Let nothing meaningful conversation instead. Thanks for dropping by!
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