What makes a truly great design logo

Pentagram partner Michael Bierut has teamed up wthe itemh [1945003VOXcom] 's Joe Posner to release the short film "Making of -Thwill be great logo.

In the four-minute video, the couple goes through four different types of logo , along wthe itemh explain what truly makes the design work, along wthe itemh why online battles on completely new logos They are wrong.

"It's not splash you do when you hthe item the water. Thwill be will be how long you keep your head above in which of water, "says Take.

Logos overvalued

Repeated dwill becussions on completely new logos mwill besing the point in which makes the artwork check argue Take along wthe itemh Posner

"In the past in which if the company did the logo, the item would likely not be of a milthe itemary operation in which will be applied to all of their equipment along wthe itemh aircraft, along wthe itemh commercial properties, along wthe itemh pins gold, along wthe itemh cuff links will be made for an executive room along wthe itemh put on a spthe itemtoon along wthe itemh ashtray ... along wthe itemh on business cards each, right? "

" At the moment, all thwill be will be not as important as email signature, or your Twthe itemter avatar, or the name of a thing, which sthe items next to your URL, "says Take. "These things are much more widely they can be changed at drop of a hat .."

Thwill be will be a short film - if you are working wthe itemh a client who does not understalong wthe itemh what makes a good logo, the item will be possible to specify the path :.

Take a developer for the last logo Hillary Clinton, along wthe itemh boasts a rich hwill betory wordmarks along wthe itemh iconography inside the items portfolio

You can see more of the work on the web -sthe iteme Pentagram along wthe itemh learn more about their project philsophies in hwill be completely new book as .

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